Monday, February 17, 2014

Project Life - finishing up 2013

Well hello there!! 

I'm going to change directions on us here and go back to 2013 for a minute. Ha! You guys thought I had forgotten about my Project Life, didn't you? You thought maybe It would be hard to get it finished?  Well, I'm happy to let you know that -Yes, I did! 

I couldn't imagine taking this project this far and then not finishing it. It was important to me to really follow through on this especially because as most of you scrapbookers out there know, there is nothing more discouraging than an incomplete scrapbook, right?! Anyway, It took a little bit of time, but I have successfully completed my family's first Project Life for 2013. Hooray!!!

I actually finished it a few weeks ago, but as usual, its getting them pictured and posted here on the blog that ends up taking more of the planning and doing, but I'm getting this done today.  Here is where we left off the last time I posted- Weeks 37-44.

So here we go with weeks 45-48. I finished these in the standard weekly manner I have done all year. One week per page protector to make it real easy to finish as I picked the main pictures to display.

Week 45- Included a huge (vampire-like) tooth pulling, the cousins spending some quality time at our house, a dinner with the Tios and the baby after some weeks of sickness, and an outing with a new friend for Daniel. Lots going on as the true busy season heads our way.

  Week 46- Included a day off, some walking, subscribing to a new source of information, some personal reflection, and getting my album decorated for its finish.  And at this point there was truly only 6 weeks left.

Weeks 47 and 48- Included the beginning of our weekly family birthdays (I'm not kidding- one a week, sometimes 2, starting November 18th through mid December!) and the kringe worthy food fest from these said birthdays and of course Thanksgiving! But on the flip side- this also meant a lot of family time and how much can we really complain. Some of our best memories always come from these celebrations, and I feel like I documented as many of those as possible in these 3 pages. It was also the beginning of Katarina's 1st's of every holiday of her life so I got a few of those moments as well.

So this gets me to the end of November 30th.  I'm not done obviously, but here I decided to add this 8.5x11 baseball card pocket protector so I could add 2 different sets of "photo essays" I didn't really know where to put.  On the front side of the protector, I included pictures from my photo essay I had done of a 
  Trip to Target  that I wanted to make sure I got in the album. On the back side I included the pictures of some practice shots I took of the boys that turned into a photo shoot of them.

This was a really great way to get these pictures into the album as a stand alone insert, and I was excited to have a new way to share more pictures this way in the future.

I have one more catch up post for tomorrow in which I will show you what I did with the last 4 weeks of 2013. It will be the whole month of December in its own format, so please come back tomorrow to check out what I did with that.

I hope I have pleasantly surprised you with this Project Life update, and if anything I hope its helping you realize that it is possible to document a whole year's worth of memories with Project Life. Please head over to Becky for more information. I have enjoyed receiving a few questions from some of my traditional scrapbooker friends, and I would love to walk anybody through this project at some time.

Thank you again for stopping by to check this out.

From my corner to yours...see you tomorrow!

PERSONAL NOTE: I just want to make something clear because I have been asked- I am NOT selling Project Life supplies and I am NOT a consultant for Becky Higgins. Project Life is not a consultant driven product. That is what I truly love about this product!  I am just a new believer in this system and I am free to use any/whatever supplies I wish to complete this, and I am just here to share my experience with all of you. If you are interested, these supplies can be purchased via,, and your local Michaels craft store (@which I use my 40% off coupons to purchase Project Life items- Woohoo!) and coming soon to be sold at your local JoAnn's fabric store too. Thanks again! :)

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