Friday, February 14, 2014

Foto Friday...Katarina's 1st B-day

Its Friday again! Trust me, I'm not complaining, its just that these weeks are once again flying by.
We were just getting ready for this little girls birthday a week ago, and its already come and gone. 
So for this Foto Friday I have a few pictures of Katarina I wanted to share of her special day.

Katarina actually had a few dress changes throughout her party. She arrived in a simple
 Minnie Mouse dress and then they changed her into her real party dress...
OMG! The ultimate birthday dress for sure! She was just too cute!!

Her little friends and family where there to celebrate with her

 Then it was time for cake..

but more importantly time for her smash cake..

This is was the moment Casandra and Serg were most excited about. They couldn't wait to see her reaction. Well she honestly did not know what to do! She has never had cake before so this was a totally new thing for her. And if anything, her reaction was to get frustrated with the frosting sticking to her fingers and not being able to get it off which just meant it getting all over her.
Loved it!

Katarina's first year truly just flew by us. We have had soo much fun with her! 
Like I've said before in a house full of boys, this feisty little girl has been such a bright addition to our lives. 
I have personally appreciate the added touch of pink in our homes because of her ;)

Anyway, we had a great time helping her celebrate and have fun!

 Happy 1st Birthday Katarina!
We Love You!



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