Wednesday, May 27, 2015

The Hollywood Bowl is back for Summer 2015...

Hi there! I've just been given the Hollywood Bowl Summer Season 2015 schedule to share
with all of you, and they're featuring great entertainment for the whole family! Take a look!

As the sun sets behind the hills, you settle into your seat and bgin to relax. You share a lovely picnic dinner with friends, all the while anticipating an evening of outstanding music under the stars. This is the Hollywood Bowl, the place to be for moments of unforgettable enjoyment, all summer long.

Below a list of key events you cannot miss at the Bowl this Summer!

Hollywood Bowl Summer Season 2015

  *   6/30 - Back to the Future 30th Anniversary
  *   7/4 - July 4th Fireworks Spectacular
  *   7/7 - Romeo and Juliet
  *   7/21 & 7/23 - Carmina Burana with Dudamel
  *   7/22 - Sinatra´s 100th Birthday Celebration
  *   7/28 - A Midsummer Night with Dudamel
  *   7/30 - Mozart with Dudamel
  *   8/7+8 - Sheryl Crow and Alex Cuba
  *   8/19 - Buenavista Social Club with Diego El Cigala
  *   9/4+5 - ET with John Williams
  *   9/19 - ABBA: The Concert

For a full list of events, please visit:


And for the kiddos Summersounds: World Music for the Kids!

SummerSounds is a fun-filled, four-week series of lively concerts combined with art workshops.
Join our dynamic hosts as they lead you on a journey to discover music, dance and art from cultures around the world.

Situated in the intimate setting of the Hollywood Bowl Museum patio, SummerSounds features four different programs, each highlighting a distinct music tradition – a new show every week! Two performances daily.

WEEK 1: JUL 13-17

SummerSounds opens with a taste of musical gumbo with bold brass, fiery improvisation and spirited rhythm in this celebration of the birthplace of jazz, featuring quintessential New Orleans music ensemble Treme Brass Band<>.

WEEK 2: JUL 20-24

Explore the rich history of the Pacific Islands through enchanting and diverse music and dance. Learn about the deep-rooted and powerful tradition of storytelling through song, drumming, and dance that are a staple of Polynesian cultures with Hālau Ka Ua Tuahine<>.

WEEK 3: JUL 27-31

Take an exciting look at the sound, color, and motion of the Middle East. The Yuval Ron Ensemble<> features artists from different cultures and regions coming together to unite musical traditions in a unique celebration, with songs from Turkey, Morocco, Yemen, Israel and Armenia.

WEEK 4: AUG 3-7

SummerSounds closes with the sights and sounds of samba, bossa nova, jazz and folk-inspired music. Award-winning singer/songwriterKatia Moreas<> brings the music of Brazil to life, while Viver Brazil<> will mesmerize with Afro-Brazilian movement.

For more information, please visit:

Wednesday, May 13, 2015

My head space…where its at and where its not

I haven’t really said all that much in the last few months, I know. But honestly, it’s been ok. I feel like I needed a break. I was feeling rushed, pressured (by my own doing) to get stuff written and posted just because, and I never do my best work that way.  Handling both blogs (English and Spanish) was also taking a small toll on me and I hate not giving my all to either one. I love writing… in both languages, but I feel like it needs to be organic and it needs to come to me when I’m ready.  Not to say that some of my best writing hasn’t come from impromptu moments, but my head hasn’t been there lately for anything to come naturally or prompted for that matter.   

So instead of getting myself down with what I’ve been calling “creative guilt” (that guilt of wanting to be a perfectionist, guilt that comes from feeling like I can’t keep up) I began to relax and embrace the fact that I am just in a different head space right now, a different place in my life right now altogether...and that’s ok. It’s more than ok.

I keep mentioning that there’s a lot happening this year and there are things that have needed much more of my attention lately. We’ve successfully ventured through some new experiences. It’s been stressful in so many ways but its turning into one of the most exciting years for all of us in one way or another.  This year is going to be the one that takes each one of us places we’ve never been, outside of the box- literally, physically and emotionally. It’s been especially rewarding and I’m looking forward to much more. 

So I am taking this time to just be me right now.  To be Sandy- the mom, the wife, the daughter, the friend and whatever that may mean for me and my loved ones in the moment.  I’m enjoying being in the present and not necessarily worrying about documenting or having to share every single moment.  It’s not that I don’t want or that I’m not going to but I’m realizing that not every story may necessarily be my story to tell either.  I’m learning to respect those boundaries outside of my own perspectives. I feel like I’m learning so much about myself period. What’s working and what’s not…more or less? That maybe it’s ok to be a little bit more reserved with what memories I want to keep for myself. And that maybe I’m still sharing but just doing it differently, more privately rather than publicly. And that’s ok too.

And as much as I’d like to keep up creatively, again, I’m being as creative as I can be- in my own way, in different ways, and I’m totally enjoying those moments when I feel I’ve discovered some new way to express myself. I’m glad to say that I am successfully working on catching up on my Project Life for 2014/2015, I’m taking lots of pictures (maybe even improving), I'm creating, I'm crafting, I’m baking, I’m cooking (a lot), and hopefully soon, I will be writing more too.  And when I do, as long as I know that it’s coming from a sincere and honest place (like right now), it will all be good. No pressure. It will just be me sharing my life with you.

I hope you'll continue to join me and Thanks for stopping by.