Tuesday, August 26, 2014

Danny's 15th B-Day...Surprise movie night

We had a great time this weekend celebrating Danny's 15th B-day. Traditionally, if we would have had all girls we possibly would have been planning a big Quinceanera, but Jerry is thanking his stars he didn't have to.  So instead we've somewhat started a family tradition to celebrate the boys 15th b-day with at least an extra special surprise party each that has happened to work out to be themed around something that totally describes who they each are.

For Chris, we surprised him with a music themed party of course, where we rented out a rehearsal room at GC Studios just for him and his friends to jam and hangout. Totally Chris and it totally rocked!

For Danny, we surprised him with an outdoor movie night right in our back yard.  The boys had attended a few parties earlier this summer where they had seen this theme and I loved it. I knew this was the perfect for him. If you know Danny, you know that he absolutely is a huge movie buff.

He can tell you when most movies are coming out, premier dates, who the actors are and if they're his favorites then he can even tell you what other movies they've been in. So of course, we started planning.

And the day arrived. We rented a projector and made a very rudimentary screen out of a plain white bed sheet hung up with clothes hangers- it worked people! That's all that mattered. We also had fun getting all the fixin's you would find at the movie theatres including a popcorn machine (with jalapeños no less), popcorn trays from a local theatre, a candy bar, nachos and individually wrapped hot dogs and soda.

Danny was excited to see his best friends were there along with his cousins. Its been nice to see him wanting to connect a lot more with his peers lately, and having them there to celebrate with him was just the best.

Jerry surprised all of us including myself by taking care of  setting up a few video clip previews as a way to start off the movie just like they did in the good ol' drive-in days. He included some old Fast food commercials, a classic Disney cartoon, and threw in some really fun Brady Bunch song clips that we all most of us remembered the words to. Then he showed a movie he had put together of Danny pictures throughout the years that made me laugh, cry and be amazed at just how much our baby has grown up. It was beautiful! Thank you Babe!
And before we actually put the movie selection on for the night- Spiderman 2 (Andrew Garfield version- his favorite!), we sang Happy Birthday and he blew out his candle on the Popcorn bucket cake I attempted to make for him.

I got the idea from a friend (Thank you Karen Wright!) who used it to make the cutest popcorn cupcakes for her son's movie night so I just expanded the idea to make a larger size cake. Although it turned out very rustic, He loved it!!
  • Baking tip- I used the Pampered Chef batter bowl I've had for years to bake the cake. You can put it in the oven and it gave me a wonderful little dome for the popcorn.
  • Decorating tip- the popcorn is made out of cut up marshmallows and yellow food coloring for the butter effect- so genius right? You spray your kitchen shears with cooking spray to cut through the marshmallows so they don't stick, and you attach them over a layer of frosting. Refrigerate to set the cake.

Anyway, Spiderman 2 turned out to be a pretty good movie and the night turned out to be a success. It was nice to hear our guests express how much fun this had been. This is something that we'll definitely consider doing again next summer just because.

Danny isn't one to say very much, but he was definitely very grateful and thanked everyone individually for coming and celebrating with him. It was an amazing birthday weekend according to him and that's what we were shooting for.  I think we this will be a special one we will all remember.

We love you Danny and hope to share many more memorable birthdays with you baby!

From my little corner to yours...Thanks for stopping by!

Wednesday, August 13, 2014

Documenting life...The next generation

Christian posted this two nights ago, and it took my breath away.  Is it possible that my love of pictures and documenting our lives was finally being passed on to the next generation, to my boys no less...well at least my oldest for now? Wow!!!  

His words were inspiring and sincere and they made my heart overflow. I was so proud of him. 

He came down after he posted this, all excited about his 'picture project' and told me how he couldn't  wait to see what his year would look like in pictures. That he wants to put all his pictures into an album of sorts...What??!!

And with just as much excitement I told him that this is exactly WHY I take soo many darn pictures, why I do Project Life, why I blog, and why I document their lives, our lives, and everything we do in between. 

I emotionally quoted him Becky Higgins who developed Project Life- 

"Cultivate a good life and record it!" 

Omg, because its soooo important to preserve those memories of your life! To be able to look back through pictures is a gift you give yourself and your loved ones.

I can't wait to follow his journey and to see what he does with this idea. I can't wait to see how develops his own style of taking pictures and documenting. I'm excited for him because this is his Senior year and it will be a year full of amazing events worthy of documenting. And I can't wait to help him figure out how to put it all together at the end. 

Christian, Go For It Babe. Your life is waiting to be told.
I love you!

From my little corner to yours...Have a great day!