Wednesday, November 20, 2013

Project Life Tuesday- Catching up Weeks 37- 44 (Part3)

Ok, so we're getting really close!!! I've been able to pack this post with quite a few weeks for you to catch up on so I hope you'll hang in there with me for just a little bit more.

So here we go...

WEEK 37- This week was another multiple page week as you can see.  Aside from a Back to School night for Mikey, and getting to speak at my Weight Watcher meeting, this was the week of our 3rd Reunion of the year- the 2nd annual "We are Family" Reunion

We got a little more organized this year and sent out an E-vite instead, so to get that in the album I went back to the e-vite site and took a screen shot of the invitation, cropped it and saved it as a j-peg file so I could get it printed through Costco.  Voila! I also added some journal cards to write in the families that were represented at this year's reunion.


And I added an insert with the pictures I took that week of Katarina and Samantha as well.

 Then I finished the back side with the rest of the pictures of the reunionn, and I made sure to include the group pictures so we can compare them to next years.  I had fun adding some color with the kit cards too.

WEEK 38- A week of seeking new opportunities for me, a new running gadget for Mikey, and new way of going green, and a possible new acting career for Mikey. lol. On the flip, Chris found my old typewriter which he got a kick out of comparing to his new "technology," and we went to celebrate an early birthday dinner for Jerry. ;)


WEEK 39-  Another short week where I didn't really get any pictures until the weekend, but those were the ones that mattered the most. Jerry's b-day was actually that coming Monday, but we decided to celebrate the Saturday and Sunday before. Jerry's birthday coincides on the same day as our dear friend Jehad's b-day. They were born the exact same day and year! Go figure, but we had never celebrated their birthdays together so this year we did. Then Sunday we went to church and met up with the family and my little Sofia had a Candy Crush game with Father Ramon.Gotta love it!

WEEK 40- Omg! Week 40! Can you believe it? Anyway, let's just say that as soon as Jerry's b-day hits it becomes Birthday season for our family. This week was my Aunt's b-day, we got to see the baby at the family dinner and Christian and his band Big Brother got to perform at the Guitar Merchant. Oh, and my Lulu got a picture in this week just for looking so cute when she sleeps.

WEEK 41- This week started off special with my little niece's 8th birthday (see what I mean- the 3rd b-day in less than a week and more to come), some random B/W picture taking, a Throwback Thursday picture of my childhood home (Thanks Jess!), and an awesome Bon Jovi concert with Danny (his first and last one apparently), and a fun time at the local parochial school fair with the boys and Mrs. Robinson. 

 WEEK 42 and 43- These two weeks are a good example of where I've tried to make two separate weeks look symmetrical just by using similar title cards and positioning. I also happened to have to Facebook posts (at the top corners) that I print screened once again, saved and got printed like a picture.

 Other than that these two weeks were actually pretty productive and full of some nice memories. I started week 42 off with a clean house (its rare but it happens), we listened to the Dodgers playing in the playoffs on the radio, the boys went on a dinner date with their uncle, and we baby sat Jellybean. Week 43 started off with a high school visit, a beautiful rose least expected from my sweet hubby, and a weekend doing our part for others, and then a Halloween party to celebrate.

WEEK 44-   This was actually one week where it FELT like it was 2 different weeks! It went from celebrating Halloween with the traditional school parade/functions, and trick-or-treating for the kids, to celebrating a wedding all within a few days time.

I love getting decorative items from something as simple as the back of my monthly subscription of Real Simple. They have a monthly calendar and a small picture copy of that month's cover. Love when it can be that easy and super useful!

So I think I will end it here for this post! 
I have weeks 45 and 46 already done, but I will post those along 
with Week 47, (this current week) and then....I am COMPLETELY caught up!! 


It feels so good to have followed thru on this challenge, and I can 't thank you all enough for 
stopping by to check out this fabulous project once again.

From my corner to yours...Have a great day!

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