Wednesday, September 18, 2013

2nd Annual "We Are Family" Reunion...

Another reunion??

Yes another one, I know.  The 3rd one for us this year, but how can we complain if reunions are only meant to bring people closer, don't you agree?  As you might remember, the group of friends I grew up with got together last year for our 1st annual "We Are Family" reunion. We decided to start this tradition because now that we have our own families, our lives are such that its proven to be more difficult to raise our kids together in the same way we were brought up. So in order to make sure that our kids really know each other and "grow up" together as well, we have to make the effort to get together as many ways possible to foster our Colombian family traditions in our kids as a group.

So this past Saturday was the date we picked, and it was great to see everyone's enthusiasm to get back together again.  The kids are a little bigger, including Katarina who was still in the belly last year, (some of the group hadn't even met her yet), AND and we were ready to have some fun...and it didn't hurt that the big fight landed on the same night. ;)

  Of course we started off with the food! We all brought a main dish and a side to share and 
Adri and her mom indulged us with a plate full of our favorite Colombian emapanadas. 
This plate had been overflowing just 5 minutes prior to this picture... lets just say they went really quick!

And Alex brought this very colorful dish of ceviche appetizers served in empty lime halves clever and delish!!

 Eddie manned the grill and made some amazing hot link sausages and hamburgers.

Then it was time to play. Brandon and Julian were outside catching some air on their scooters while Christian watched.

There were all kinds of sports to keep an eye on that day and a fight to wait for.

And it was such a beautiful day, that the pool had to be taken advantage of by everyone
in one way or another. It was nice just to be able to relax by the pool together and watch the kids have a great time.

It was Sandra's first time meeting Jellybean since she was born, 
and Sandra immediately won her over by being the one to get her in the pool first. Jellybean loved every minute of it and it was so cute. Sandra definitely has a way with babies.

Last year the event of the reunion was the sharing our old photo albums, 
but this year Sandra had planned a game for us to play. One that we used to play as families when we were younger...Passing the apple from person to person using only your neck. 

The Camacho's vs. The Halaby's 

And may the best family win...that's if we could make through all the laughter!!! 
[Btw- I'll spare you (and me) some of the most awkward pictures that could have ever been taken, lol]
Thanks Adri for taking these!



(Hey, in our defense we started off with a slippery apple!...hahaha)

 Even Lina didn't know what to make of that game, lol! 
(Sorry Lina, but I love this picture)

"Las Viejas" just sat back and enjoyed it all!

Then came taking the "Family" pictures! Can't forget those!

 The serious one..

 The silly one...

Then the kids picture...with Katarina in the flesh this time.

(Last year's pic of her in the belly)

Just one year and you can see just how much the kids have grown.

 After all that fun it was time for a nap, and Katarina found a super cozy spot in Adri's arms. She really did have a chance to bond with all her extended "Titis" that day. ('Tee-tees'- Puerto Rican for 'Aunties')
 Too sweet!

 Then it was time for the Canelo vs. Mayweather fight!
I won't even get into to that whole dissapointment,
but I will say that our only consolation was that we got to see it together.
Whaw, whaw, whaw!

But we didn't let that fight get in the way of the day's success. 
We had just had another amazing day together once again celebrating 
our friendship, our culture, our children and
the family we have truly become over the years.

Thank you to the Chavez-Cañas family for hosting us once again!
(Your pool will be the pool to remember for the next generation, lol)
And Thank you to all our dear families for making it another very special day to remember!

I love you all and can't wait until next year!

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