Friday, September 20, 2013

Foto Friday- Sam and Kat...

Do I mean pictures of Sam and Cat? From the TV Show?
No, even better...

I have pictures to share of our Sam and Kat. Two special little girls who I was lucky to take pictures of in the last week. I'm trying to get some practice in as I forget how fun it is to get behind the camera, so I hope you enjoy!

This is Sam-
SAMantha is the beautiful daughter of our childhood friend, Sandra, who just turned 5 years old.
These pictures were taken at our reunion on Saturday in a very spontaneous moment, totally unplanned, just catching her being a little girl doing her thing.  These are always the best kinds of pictures to take- an adorable subject and great lighting in a great room, making it a picture perfect moment.



No need for posing for Sam. She moved and I shot...loved it! And loved her!

And here is Kat...
KATarina, of course, our baby niece/goddaughter who just turned 7 months old. She's been sitting up, learning to crawl all over the place, and her cute little personality is starting to shine. I had the chance to babysit her last week and and at the reunion I was able to get a few pictures of her as I caught her curiosity with my camera...which she apparently knows exactly what its for.


 She is sooo much fun and it has only just begun! Can't wait for more from this little one!
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From my little corner to yours...
Happy Foto Friday!

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