Friday, August 23, 2013

The first day of school is just not the same anymore...

For us, this school year brings-

A Junior, an 8th grader and a 5th grader
3 different schools
3 different start times (7am, 8am, 8:30am)
(are you tired yet?...yes, me too!)

So that meant I had to take 3 different "1st day of school" pics instead of the customary 1 picture of all 3 of them I used to take every year. Hmmm, that was different...and kind of sad?

Then as I walked in Danny last week and Mikey this week to their new classes, I realized that the first day of school is just not the same for our family anymore.  We have no more babies, no more pre-schoolers, or little boys who need us to be there to hold their hands on their way in. Shoot, its our last year in elementary school for goodness sakes! There is no longer anymore the pomp and circumstance of the first day- the colorful name badge on their shirts, decorated desktops, no more pictures of them in flag salute line or in circle time, no more waiting for the teacher to close the door for their 1st day to start.

No, now its more about just making sure they have what they need, dropping them off at the gate, if you get a picture on your way out, you got lucky! Or like leaving Mikey on Monday with him very nicely letting know it was ok for me to leave, and saying something to the effect of "I'm ok, Mom. I got this." Lol!



Listen, Its not that I'm even sad about this. I'm not... at all. I'm fully aware, better yet- I love that my boys are growing up and I appreciate and admire their need for independence...its what they're supposed to do.  It was a simple observation that hit me as I was driving home, about all the little things that as a mother, I can't help but miss.

Do you feel the same? Do you still have little ones starting school? If you do, enjoy it! Enjoy every minute about all those little things that the first day of school means to you and your kids. It goes by too fast, and things change even faster over the years, but that's ok...each change brings its own joy!

From my little corner to yours...Have a wonderful 2013-2014 school year!


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