Monday, August 19, 2013

What did you do this summer???

 The summer was over for our family this past sad! 
But as school starts I looked back to see how I would 
answer a typical teacher's question around this time of year-
"What did you do this summer?"

Hmmm...Well, this summer we did lots of things.

We did everything FROM...
re-organizing closets and some major summer cleaning early on
the boys taking up TaeKwonDo and testing for their first belt
Chris working really hard by doing homework all summer long (poor kid) 
having 2 Family reunions and met family we had never met before
making connections and got closer to our extended families near and far
babysitting and spending time with our baby niece...and falling in love
doing a lot of swimming with the cousins and friends
the boys playing in the back yard till dark
catching a few movies with the boys
going to 4 different concerts of varying genres
 (80's, Spanish, Pop Rock and Alternative) - We love music!
going to Palm Springs 2 times- Once with the girls 
and once with the family and the relaxing!
taking lots of pictures (of everything)
working on Project Life
catching up with friends over dinners, lunch and over the phone

spending hours in our days with the TV off for a change- something new for us
spending more time with the music on...
having playdates
the boys getting wet outside with a hose (the good ol' fashion way)
signing up for a new Project Life class
Danny carrying a boa constrictor on his shoulders
doing some outlet shopping
getting new blinds for the bedrooms (honestly, it was time ;\)
going to the beach 3 times (not enough for me, but we loved each time)
Celebrating 19 blessed years of marriage
Baptizing our baby niece 
Chris taking his first trip away from home and having a great experience
Chris learning how to drive (pretty well I should mention)
seeing our first movie at the park
taking a last minute trip to Las Vegas with Grandma and Tia to finish off the much fun!
and treating the kids to a trip to a shark reef aquarium after watching Shark week

Lol, I'm not sure the teacher would want to read/know all of this, 
but this would be my list for him/her.

I think as the summer goes by so quickly we tend to forget just how much we actually do and get done both personally and as a family, so writing it down is a great reminder. We did a lot of this stuff on a budget (because that's how we roll), but I think we also take for granted that its not always about the cost of these moments as opposed to how these moments were spent with our friends and family at varying times that will bring us memories that will last us a lifetime.

It was truly a memorable summer, and I'm sorry to see it end, but I'm ready for the fall!!

From my corner to yours... 
take time to write down your summer memories for you and your family!

Thanks for stopping by!

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