Monday, August 13, 2012

This past week...

This past week was our last week before school starts and it was a crazy week for all of us. It was the week where I felt like I had to cram in everything and anything I hadn't done with the kids yet, including doctor's appointments and last minute play dates and outings. This summer was too short!!

A few of the things we did...

I found out I will be a proud Aunt of a new baby girl!
 Soo Excited!!

   We all got our eyes checked and a few of us got new glasses!

And on Friday, we got in our last day at the beach, and I'm soo glad we did. We were going to go to the Getty Center and do some last minute shopping, but I was so tired and it was soo hot I felt our time was better used by enjoying a day at the beach with our friends just relaxing and enjoying the beautiful weather/water. And that we did! We decided that next year we were also going to end the summer at the beach, but we're going to go later in the day, stay to watch the sunset and enjoy a bonfire. Doesn't that sounds like a great summer night! Really looking forward to that!

But one of the things we squeezed in on my summer to do list was to take the kids to Venice Beach, and being that it was on my SIL's list for her kids also, we decided to go together this last Wednesday.  We bought lunch and took it down to the main strip and enjoyed an afternoon of walking and watching all the "interesting" things Venice has to offer.

Christian also took the opportunity to take over my camera, and I will take this opportunity to debut his pictures for him. He definitely has the eye for it, and it looks like we have another future photographer on our hands. AND more interestingly, it looks like I'll be fighting for the camera bag from now on...LOL! Either way, I loved the pictures he took and I'm looking forward to see more of his work!

Nice perspective Chris ;)

 Love these ones! So Venice!

 The cousins! Love them when they're together!

 Some really cool record bowls

 He likes the abstract...just like me!

 Great job, Christian!!

From my corner to yours...

May you all have some exciting last minute adventures before your school year starts! Enjoy!

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