Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Sergio and Casandra's Wedding

My brother, Sergio and Casandra got married this past weekend!

And what a great wedding it was! It was just as the invitation states...it truly was a day full of family from near and far, friends old and new, lots of laughter and most of all full of LOVE!

The wedding was located in Glendora at a beautiful estate home they found through their friend, Wanda.  It was exactly what they wanted: One beautiful location for  an outdoor ceremony and reception.

The ceremony was simple- there was no wedding party, just the two of them being surrounded by all those they loved in a show of support and participation. The ceremony was officiated by none other than Dyan Cannon, who happens to be one of Casandra's closest friends, and who got to know Sergio very well in the time they've dated. So it was soo appropriate that she'd be the one to marry them. She did an amazing job! She infused a such a deep spiritual feeling in her words, and how she did the ceremony that it was hard not feel that this marriage was truly blessed by God and the heavens above.

Serg and Casandra each shared some very sweet thoughts with each other, making it hard not to get emotional. The way they looked at each other melted everyone's heart. It was truly a special ceremony.

And then it was official!! They were married!!!
  That was such a fun moment!! 

After the ceremony, people took their places up on the second floor by the pool and had appetizers and drinks while the happy couple took their pictures. They made their grand entrance and dinner was served. One of Casandra's cousins who came from Mexico, sang a Luis Miguel ballad "Somos Novios" for their first dance.

And then came time for toast! Sergio's best friend, Leonardo, (of 20+ years) said a few words, and then it was my turn to say my toast which I had prepared for weeks ago. I always kind of knew what I wanted to say and let Sergio and Casandra know. I wanted to share that with everyone that night, and now I'll share it with you:

My Toast to Serg and Casandra:

So, here we are on this beautiful night and my little brother has gotten married…

And I know that most of you are expecting me to say “Its about time, Serg!”

But, I’m not going to!...It honestly doesn’t really fit the theme for today, and I’ll tell you why. 

I have watched my brother “grow up,” and I’ve paid attention to how he has lived his life and handled situations, including those regarding love.  And I have realized and truly admired him because he has taken his time to do what he loves, to travel, see the world, explore, and live life to the fullest.  He has known himself well enough to know when to move on and more importantly when something is good and right for him.

So today is really NOT about it being “about time” for Serg, but it’s about being the “Right time!

He met Casandra, fell in love and he was smart enough to know that she was not only the right one for him, but that it was the right time for him!  And that is what we are here to celebrate.

After finally pulling her name out of him, and let alone spending some time with her, I knew.  There was just something different about things this time. Serg was different this time! This was serious!

Just a little side story…but when my husband and I had started dating he took me to my first family gathering of his where I met his sisters and family. He later told me that after that day, his youngest sister, Gaby, had said to him “I wouldn’t mind having Sandy as a SIL!” I was always touched by that story and always wondered as to how she knew fairly quickly that I’d be good for her brother.

Well now that the shoe was on the other foot, I totally understood. 

It was easy to know when you see a girl like Casandra bring out the best in my brother (which is not always the easiest thing to do with him, lol!). When you see a girl like her laugh and enjoy all his over the top silliness the way she does. When you see a girl like Casandra love your brother the way she does.

It was very easy to know!

So after just a few months of these two dating I found myself one night having a conversation with my brother, and I took the chance to blurt out...”So when are you popping the question?”
Of course, he flipped out!

And he started mumbling like he does…”HUH, WHAT?!! Wait, why would you ask me that right now? Where is this coming from?”  To what I responded with “Oh, don’t be stupid! You know exactly what I’m talking about.”  And he stayed quiet, and just said “Wow!” I said, “You know I can see her being my Sister-N-Law right?” He was still freaking out, but he agreed. 

And here we are. Honestly, I don’t think the stars could have aligned any better than they have for Cas and Serg.  Down to even include the gift of a baby due nothing less than perfect than on Valentine’s Day next year!  And we couldn’t be more excited for all of three of them as they begin this journey together today. 

So I will end this by saying that on behalf of myself, Jerry, the Cacahuates ("The Peanut Gallery" in Spanish as Casandra named my mom and my aunt), the Chicken Nugget Crew (my boys), and my dad who couldn’t be here today- We welcome Casandra with all our love as a daughter, a sister, and officially as “Tia Fea”  to our crazy family and our little Colombian Posse.

To Serg…I’m so proud of you! You did real good little brother and Cheers to both of you and it being… “The Right Time!”


From my corner to yours... Congratulations Casandra and Serg! 

I love you both and Thank You for letting me be a part of your special day!!


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