Monday, August 6, 2012

Monday Madness- Today I am...


This weekend was a blast! It was a 3 day weekend for Sergio and Casandra's wedding (more to come on that), and we ended it yesterday with a trip to Farmers Market for lunch with the newlyweds and some family. We have never been to Farmers Market so it was a really nice afternoon getting to know such a cool little place.

BUT Today Is another story...

Today I am...

Trying to recover from this past weekend's events
Thinking about my brother's wedding all over again
So happy for Serg and Casandra! 
Sorting through pictures and special moments in my head
Grateful for having had such a special weekend with friends and family!

Today I am...
Coming to reality that our summer is over!
Realizing that the kids go back to school next week!!! (WHAT!!)
Figuring out that I haven't done any back to school shopping!
Coordinating new carpool routes for the school year...Ugghh!
Trying not to cry!

Today I am...
Trying to schedule in last minute appointments
Planning out last minute play dates, outings and a beach day?
Putting together a semblance of a menu for the week
Paying bills that haven't been looked in a while
Doing laundry that hasn't been done in even a longer while
Trying to catch up on all the Olympic events I have missed

Today I am...completely overwhelmed!

(I am...really trying hard not cry!)

Today I am...
Trying to WAKE UP!!
trying to calm down
Drinking too much coffee!
Just trying to make lunch
Going to find a way to do one thing at a time
Trying to find a quiet space in my mind....

Today I am... going to finish this blog post to help me vent, break things down, and move on!

Today will be over soon...and everything will be ok!

This wasn't exactly the way I thought I'd get back to my blogging, but its definitely one way to do it! LOL!

Thanks for listening, and I am looking forward to sharing this past weekend's event with all of you, so I hope you'll be back to visit.

From my corner to yours...May you all have a last week of summer to remember!

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