Monday, June 18, 2012

Monday Motivations- Let the Summer begin!!!

And the final last day of school for my boys is finally here tomorrow, so that means....

We have a short summer this year due to schools going back in mid August. But we are going to make the most of it. Here are some of our plans:
  • lots of swimming
  • getting together with the cousins 
  • afternoon walks with LuLu
  • summer baseball for Chris
  • summer basketball for Mikey
  • trips to the beach...Can't wait!!
  • a family reunion in San Diego
  • The Freemont Experience in Vegas...almost forgot ;)
  • my Brother's wedding...SOO excited!! Yay!
  • hopefully a small vacation getaway to Palm Springs
  • and any surprises along the way!

Things I'd like to try this summer:
  • hiking with the boys
  • taking them to Venice beach
  • going to the library on a weekly basis

We'll see just how much of this gets done, and I will share throughout the way, but we're looking forward to all of it.

Here's hoping that you all have a great summer as well, filled with all the things you and your family enjoy, and some wonderful summer memories to cherish.

Happy Monday from my corner to yours...


Laura Railing said...

Thank you for sharing your list! I need to make an actual list sometime to have a reference of what I want to do with Andrew, especially since this is the last summer just us before Adrian comes. Although, I am finding our days end up pretty busy with fun things whether I plan it or not, but I kindof want to be intentional about doing little extra things we normally wouldn't! Thanks for reminding me!

Sandy said...

Oh,Laura...Thanks!! I'm soo glad it helped!! You know I made the list just to honestly remind myself what I've got going on because of course I forget too. LOL! Enjoy your summer with Andrew! Can't wait to see what you do too!! ;)