Friday, June 15, 2012

Foto Friday- Mikey's Annual Project

Mikey has been out of school for a week now, and I haven't had the chance to share his year end pictures, so I figured I take the chance to do it as today's Foto Friday post.

A few weeks ago I did a Foto Friday post about a some pictures I helped take for Mikey's classroom. They were for the school's Annual Project day where each grade/classrooms show off their last big project of the year.  Then friends and family are invited on this special day to come admire their work. The 3rd Grade class project was about The Art of Nature and Perspective. They also studied the work of Ansel Adams, the famous photographer and environmentalist, so the pictures we helped the children take were then made into black and white, 8x10 portraits as an inspirational homage of his work.

 Their pictures were displayed on these beautiful backdrops that were painted by the kids themselves.

 It always amazes me what these teachers can come up with and get our children to learn and appreciate. Mikey comes home all the time with bits and pieces of knowledge that just blow our minds.  I'm sure that its a great satisfaction for these teachers to see their ideas come to fruition through their students. Thank you Ms. Aram for being such a great teacher! Mikey loved her and was privileged enough to have her a second time, as she was also his Preschool teacher a few years back at a different school.  CHIME is blessed to have her teaching there.

 The Annual Project day also served as the debut of the the ART Garden Installation put in by the PA as part of CHIME's outdoor classroom. It was headed up by our adored art teacher, Ms. Jaye, and parent volunteers. Its a wonderful piece of work that adds an outside museum like walkway for all to enjoy. It really is beautiful! Thank you Mrs. Jaye


Everybody who came through the Art Garden got a chance to stick their own decoration on the wall as their way of leaving a mark on the community wall for all to see.

Can't wait to see what new projects 4th grade conjurs up for Mikey, but until then...

Happy Foto Friday and may you all enjoy your Fathers Day Weekend!

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