Friday, May 11, 2012

Foto Friday- School project and Color Collage

Its Foto Friday and I have some special pictures to share. Yesterday, I was one of several parents of Mikey's 3rd grade class that was asked to help out to with their class project for CHIME's Annual Project they do at the end of each school year.

The 3rd grade has been learning about nature, and finding something out there that "speaks to them," and how to look at things in nature close up to gain a different perspective of things. Soo cool! So the parents were asked to bring their cameras, take individual children out to the school's Garden Classroom to pick something "that spoke to them,"and help THEM take our cameras to take a close up picture of the nature item they selected.

It was a lot of fun, and it was soo interesting to see what each child would end up picking, so in turn I learned a lot about a child's perspective in photography as to what they saw through the camera lens...always a neat thing. There were quite a few parents who helped so I got about 7 students to myself, and here are some of their shots.

We were instructed to take a picture of them with a whiteboard showing their name so we knew what picture belonged to whom. So this is the picture  Buck (my good friend's son) took. I love it! Cactus up close are very cool!                                                     
 So this next one is the one Mikey took of the strawberries growing in their garden. It was cool to see him take my camera and know exactly what he wanted to get in his shot. The other neat thing I noticed when Mikey took my SLR camera, is that because he is a natural "lefty," he had to look into the lens with his left eye. I am a "righty" so it is natural for me to assume that is how everyone looks through the lens, lol. I had never seen anyone do that, so I learned something new about my son too.  Loved this project!                                                                                   

  I had to do just some minor cropping edits as the teachers wanted these pics to be as up close as possible, but these are the shots some of the other kids took:

 I think they did such a great job! Don't you? Can't wait to see how the teacher's end up using these pictures.  
Thank you Mrs. Aram and Mrs. Cherniet for allowing me to help with this special project!!
And since I was in a place of natural inspiration, I took advantage and snapped some of my own pictures. The Foto Friday theme for the week, is technically a One Color Collage, but since  it turns out that all the flowers I shot were yellow, red and orange, I think it still works as one combined color? Anyway, here is the collage I made with my flowers.

I dedicate these beautiful flowers full of sunlight and nature's glory to all the special ladies in my life that are mothers on this Mothers Day weekend...especially to my Mom!  I love you Mom!

May all your families fill your special day be with lots of love, sunlight and happiness because you all deserve it and so much more!

Happy Mothers Day!!

XOXO from my corner to yours,

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Anonymous said...

outrageous! thanks for posting my love chicken, Buck. he will be thrilled when he sees it.
love what you are sharing.

tinajo said...

They sure did - well done! :-)

Lori @ Foto Friday said...

They sure do work! And so beautiful, I love the colors!

Thanks for sharing with Foto Friday,