Monday, May 14, 2012

Monday Motivations- Music is Feeling

Music seems to be my thing lately...but music has always been really important to me, and it just seems like I remember my life through music, the good and the bad times, how I was feeling, and what happened to me during what year of my life all based on when a certain song was playing.  My husband has always been amazed that I can remember the most random things about my life based on my music timeline. Do you have one??

Anyway, I realize that how I feel is usually what kind of music I am listening to or decide to listen to. Does that happen to you too?

Does music...Motivate you? Or depress you?
Does it drive your mood? Does it help you get through certain moments?
Does it help you just feel? 

Think about it and find that music that sounds like what you feel like or want to feel like this week! It can change everything.

Have a great week from my corner to yours...

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