Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Music and Running

I guess music is turning into this week's theme around here...


I need my music to exercise! There is no other way I can do it.  Well, I guess I can if I HAD to, but it it would turn into a time of torture for me; constantly looking at the clock, counting every second before my workout out is over. Music changes all of that for me, and now that I am jogging it has become even more important.

Music has actually become a inspiration, a motivator for me. I love hearing music on the radio and finding that song that has a great beat to run to.  So lately I've been enjoying building up my iTunes library and setting up my running playlists with some of the newest songs to pump me up.

In talking to my SILs, Betty and Gaby after both successfully completing their half marathons (Congrats again girls!!)  they also expressed how important their playlists were in keeping them motivated through 13...long...miles!! OMG! Gaby mentioned that for her there were certain songs in her playlists that pushed her through some of her harder moments. Soo awesome!

I've done some research on music and running and found a few interesting articles on the subject. One article starts off by quoting an expert that says "Music is a legal drug for athletes." AMEN! It is for me. Hearing the right music actually makes me want to run! Go figure! He also claims that listening to music while running can boost your running performance by 15%.  I can also vouch for this, maybe not by the percentage, but just by the way I can push myself when I hear the music running through my ears.
However, did you know that elite runners cannot be eligible for prize money during runs if they race using headphones??? Wow!! That's pretty serious! Apparently, it also mentions that the more serious runners tend to not need music or find any added benefit using it. My cousins, Carolina and Natalia, very avid runners, are apparently at this point. Natalia has told me she likes running without music because she uses the sound of her breathe to pace herself...how interesting is that! And Carolina, says that she doesn't usually do her races with music, only on occasion if she feels she needs some particular motivation or for longer runs. Everybody does it their own way...

And speaking of that, for right now, I will keep my headphones on for motivation so I thought I'd share my latest running playlist. This is what pumps me up right now.  How different is yours??

I have a mix of all kinds of music including some Spanish in there. They all vary in different beats. It starts off at an average beat, then speeds up, then slows down again just to allow me a good beat to walk to if I decide I need to walk/run. I've been learning a lot about what I need during my runs, so I am constantly adjusting my list accordingly.

So is music important to your exercise/running regimen? What does your playlist look like? What music do you prefer? Does it help you improve your performance?  I think it would be interesting to know, so comment if you're so inclined.

Well, I hope that if you haven't already tried exercising with music, do so now. It might just make a difference for you.

So go out there, put your playlist together and... Rock your body!!!

From my corner to yours,


Nat said...

Sandy I miss my running days. It is so cool that we share another hobby. Thanks for the shout out on your blog. Now that I'm walking I definitely need music. If we ever get to be in the same city we'll go for a nice jog together. Hugs.

Sandy said...

Nat, you'll be back to running in no time after the baby is born! The fact that you even run so far into your pregnancy is crazy, but amazing! Can't wait for our jog one day! Love ya!