Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Weight Watcher Wednesday- Success Shout Out

I want to do something a little different today with my WW Wednesday post today.  

I'd like to take this chance to do a quick "Shout Out" to a childhood friend of mine, Linnette.

She joined Weight Watchers
 about 8 weeks ago and has already lost 16.8 pounds! 

Way to Go, Linnette! 
You look great and you should be proud of yourself!!

Keep doing what you're doing!

I would love to know if anyone else out there has started a weight loss journey of their own with Weight Watchers or any other program. Please, let me know...I would love to share whatever has been working for you and bringing you success. Different things work for different people...the goal is to make a change in our lives.

Thank you Linnette for letting me share your success with others, and I hope it has motivated somebody out there today too! 

Have a wonderful Wednesday...from my corner to yours,

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