Friday, May 18, 2012

Foto Friday- Feathers or Fur

Funny that this week's Foto Friday theme is Feathers or Fur because I actually had a run in with feathers this past Sunday.

I went on a morning jog and 3 blocks in, what did I find just standing on the sidewalk?...A shivering cute little birdie. I thought for sure it would fly away as I got closer, but it didn't so I knew something was wrong. I bent down to check it out, I reached out for it and it allowed me to grab it in my hand. As I picked it up, I realized it was hurt on the left side of its head. It must have flown into something and got disoriented. I didn't want to end my run, but I couldn't leave the birdie alone! I had to help it, right?! So I had to take it with me of course. So I had the most unlikely of running partners in my left hand and my phone in the right and I ran until I got home with it...LOL!

It was very comfortable in my hand, I kept it warm (without crushing it) and it slept the whole way. The cutest thing was that I could feel one of its talons wrapped around my ring finger like a baby holding on to a mommy's finger....Awwww!

I got home and although tmy boys surprised me for Mother's Day, I think I surprised them more by bringing home the birdie which was soon named "Sinji" by Daniel (who ironically was scared of it, lol).

We put it on a perch outside with some bread crumbs, and to Jerry's disbelief I put some Neosporin on its little head, LOL! Come on, wouldn't you have done the same???

Anyway, all of this must have helped because by the time we left for church, it was well enough to try to fly away, and it was gone by the time we got home. So we were happy to think that "Sinji" was back at home with its own family. Fingers crossed we saved a birdie's life on Mothers Day! ; )

Happy Foto Friday!!

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Lori said...

Awe..good for you taking care of him. I would have too, of took him to the a vet school.

Thanks for sharing with Foto Friday,

Coneflower Ranch said...

How fortunate you were there to save him! So cute!

...melody... said...

Aww...glad you were able to help him! Love that you used neosporin on him! :)