Tuesday, August 14, 2012

First Day of School is Here!!

So here it is again! This day can be so exciting for most and yet almost just as dreaded by some at the same time. It means a new year, new classes, new school supplies (always fun), and even new friends and adventures. But it also means, new schedules, waking up early, making lunches again, carpools begin...that old routine is back! But its what we do, right?! Its all part of what we live for and love.

I had a lot of fun with the kids this summer, so I wasn't entirely ready for them to go back. However, now that the day is here it is nice to know that the kids are back in school, and that I can resume somewhat of a normal routine again (whatever that means)!

Mikey started school yesterday, and is starting his 4th grade year. In taking his picture yesterday morning, I realize how much he is changing and growing up. .

One thing that struck me was that HE noticed how much things are changing. He made a comment about how in Kindergarten everybody played together and were all friends, and that now its not like that and that made him sad. After hearing my heart break, I had to somehow tell him that unfortunately this is true, and that it was normal because he and all his friends were growing up and that his friendships were going to change, but that he should be looking forward to making new friends that had things in common with him. He agreed and was happy. He's not only growing up, but is getting to be almost too intuitive for his age.

Nevertheless, he had a great day. He liked his teacher, Ms. Leonard, which I honestly don't know very well, but we've been very lucky at CHIME so far. We've had some great teachers for all our boys, so I'm hoping for another great year. So far she made a great impression with all of us as we walked into her classroom which she decorated in a Rock-N-Roll theme!! What a perfect match for us, Lol! It is very clever and each student table center is named after a specific rock band. Mikey is sitting at "the Doors" table, but there was a Bon Jovi, Aerosmith, The Beatles, and Metallica table. Each table has 4 students and each one is given a band member position to play, so Mikey is the "drummer" of his band/table. She had rock-n-roll lyrics that applied to school all over and the library was given a cool "Rock-N-Read" theme because reading is meant to be cool, of course!  It looks like its going to be a very fun year for him, and I'm looking forward to seeing what else she has in store for them. Teachers can make such a difference in how kids see things and these are the things teachers do to make school interesting. I Love it!!

Daniel and Christian started school today. Danny is going into the 7th grade and Chris starts his Sophomore year of High School!!! OMG! Its hard to believe, but in no time Chris will be graduating and he has had a great time this summer making sure I knew that because he knows it scares me soo much that he's growing up soo fast.

We are excited and nervous for Danny as 7th grade is always that transition year where things get a little harder anyway, and then add to boot that puberty kicks in! But he showed us this morning he was also maturing as he let us know that he didn't need us to take him to school today. Oh ok! He said he was perfectly ok to go in his carpool with his best friend Zachary, and could figure out his schedule on his own. To be sad or very proud was my question?? So we giggled nervously but encouraged him and we knew that he had his friend to help or he'd figure it out. Soo proud of him!

For Christian, this was old hat for him this year, and instead it was his turn to help out and welcome a new Freshmen into the school. Our friend Jacob starts out today at the Cleveland Magnet that Christian attends, and being that he was very nervous about the whole deal, wanted to drive to school with Chris. So they both walked in together as casual as could be, and I know that Christian will be there to help him figure things out too.

So it looks like we're going to get settled in pretty well, and we're still buying last minute school stuff but otherwise we should be back in the groove by the end of the week. And that includes me too! Part of me needs to get focused back on work, the house, and myself!! But I'm taking this week to get things in gear for all of that.

For now, I will enjoy all the stories and mishaps that might come from this new week of school and I'm hoping you all will too!

From my corner to yours...Happy Back to School Week!


Carolina said...

It's going to be my first day of 4th grade on Monday the 27th! I feel what Mikey is feeling! So nervous, after teaching the little ones for 6 years.

Sandy said...

How cool Carolina! I'm sure you're a great teacher too and they're going to love you! Good luck! <3

Laura Railing said...

Awww what a great first day of school!! So exciting!!! Our son just starts Pre k this year but I am still really excited about it ;-) Next year with Kindergarten will be even better! Ahh wow! What a change for Danny! Sounds like he is doing great though!!

I nominated you for the Liebster Award! Details in my most recent post :)