Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Our Danny Boy....

Is 13 
Years old today!!!!

We officially have a second teenager in the house!

Oh no!!

How did he get here soo quick!

The truth is we've come such a long way with Danny. We knew he was special from the minute he was born, and our life with Danny has been a ride in itself.  He is our Aspy baby and we were blessed and honored to be chosen to have this little boy in our lives.  We thank God for all the love and joy he has brought to our lives as well as the difficult moments we've had as they have only helped us help Danny become the boy that he is today.

My sweet Danny, I remember when:

  • You'd keep me up all day with your 15 minute cat naps
  • We would cry together on the sofa when I didn't  know how to console you
  • You had us running after you through parking lots
  • we'd have to leave parties with you crying
  • you'd take off ALL your clothes when you went to the bathroom...George Costanza style, lol!
  • you'd have to hold a toy figure in your hand all the time
  • you were our little Peter Pan in the backyard
  • you'd swing in circles for hours at a time...
  • I felt the weight of the world lifted off my shoulders when we found out why you were doing all of these things
  • We lost you at the of the worst moments of my life!

But when we found you, everything changed for us! We hugged you more, we watched you more, 
we understood you more and if it was at all possible....we loved you soo much more! 

To love you has meant to:
  • accept and understand that you are going to see and do things a little differently
  • help others understand this too!
  •  help you expect the unexpected in life and know how to deal with it
  • help you get through life just like everybody else
  • give you the same experiences that any other boy would have
  • expect the same from you than the other boys
  • not give you any excuse not to succeed
  • allow you to gain your independence as you grow up
  • help you depend on yourself 
To love you JUST the way you are with all our hearts!!!

Danny you have amazed us when you:
  • can tell us exactly when a movie is coming out and who the actors are and what other movies they've made
  • can memorize movie lines verbatim
  • can know exactly where my keys and my phone are at all times
  • can recognize what kind of pizza there is just from the smell and from miles away!
  • you give up what you want to do to make sure Mikey is ok
  • when you enjoy things we wouldn't expect you to ever enjoy 
  • you know yourself enough to know what you need or don't need
  • found yourself around a big middle school without our help
  • we told you about having Aspergers and your reaction was to giggle because it sounded like it has the "ass" word it in it!
  • you took this knowledge and learned to be proud of all the great things you can do because of it
You amaze us when you tell us and show us that you love us back with that beautiful silly smile you've always had!

Daniel there are not enough words to tell you just how much we all love you. You have taught us things about life and ourselves that we wouldn't have learned otherwise. You have made us better people, and we couldn't be prouder of the young man you are today!

So instead of crying as I write this,
 I am going to celebrate You this day!!!

We are all celebrating with you today, Lil' D!!!!

 Happy 13th Birthday Danny Boy!


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Nat said...

Love the baby pics. And what a great blog post about the birthday boy! Hugs to Danny!