Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Going out with Sofia

This is Sofia. She is my 6 year old niece and the youngest of the Camacho nieces and nephews...well one of only 2 nieces in the family as the boys rule in majority, but she truly has learned to hold her own with the boys. She is also our lovely Goddaughter, an honor in itself.  She brings the girly, girl world to our life after living with 3 boys and we love it! We love her!

This summer, now that she is a little older and more independent I wanted to take the chance to have a Sofia and me afternoon, something we haven't had a chance to ever do. I mean our families hang out together often as families do, but we've never had that one on one time together. I want her to get to know me, and know she can always count on me as her godmother, aunt,  and friend.

So before she went back to school today, we decided to go out on Monday afternoon for a little ice cream and some shopping at Michaels.  How could we go wrong!

She wore her cute new shoes for our outing. Grey/pink, polka dotted high-tops...loved them! She's already a fashionista I tell you.

And we were on our way!

We were very excited to go to Menchi's so we could pick our own toppings and that we did!

I'll let you decide who's is who's. Lol!

A few things I learned about my Sofia as we enjoyed our treat:

She ALWAYS gets "cake batter" flavored yogurt at Menchi's along with gummy bears, gummy worms, and poppers as toppings

Her favorite colors:  Red, yellow, pink and purple. But she also likes black, blue, green and orange because those are her family's favorite colors and she likes whatever they like.

Her best friends are: Madison, Sidney, Kailyn, Reese, and McKenzie

Talking about "boys" - makes her VERY nervous!!! (Lol- it was so cute to see her eyes go real big. Fun moment for me!)

and she loves to play on the monkey bars at school during lunch

See... now I know!!

She got all kinds of goodies and treats while we were there.
 The puppy sticker is her new favorite character too.

 Then it was time to draw on the chalk board

 She drew herself as a stick figure and then said...
" Sofia!"

 We traced our hands

And she left her signature and we took a picture together. 
Soo much fun!


Menchi's was yummy and it was time to go shopping. We went to Michaels for a few things, and she was great to shop with. She loved suggesting paint colors and things while she told me about projects she had made in school. And she is such a girl too... oooing and awwing at everything cute! And of course she found a little something that she's "always wanted to have." Of course, and how could I resist?!

She made my day when she told me all about how her school has a Grandparents day, and how they should really have a Godmother's day so she could take me! OMG! Yes...they should! (sniff, sniff)

Thank you to my Sofies for going out with me! I had a lovely time and I can't wait to do this again!

From my corner to yours, I love you and I hope you have a great first day at school today!!!

Your Tia Sandy

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Anonymous said...

Very cute. I could tell last Wednesday for Danny's birthday, that Sofia is full of spunk and personality. It looks like you guys had a great time.