Thursday, August 30, 2012

Summer Concert Recap

I was just looking at some pictures from the last few months and I realized we've been to some pretty cool concerts and I figured I recap them real quick with pictures. ;)

Skid Row and Warrant @ the Freemont Experience

We made a small trip to Vegas this summer for a variety of reasons. Not only did we want to get away just for a few days, but Chris had just finished his Upward Bound program and it was a way to give him a chance to relax after 6 weeks of a lot of hard work.  Also, we had never done The Freemont Experience in old downtown Las Vegas (which is now closed off) and they have free concerts on 3 different stages every weekend during the summer. Skid Row and Warrant were going to be playing that weekend we were there, so that was the highlight for Chris and Jerry to enjoy.

Rick Springfield at the Starlight Bowl

The last time we saw Rick Springfield was back in 199?? when he was making his comeback after being out of the spot light for soo many years. We saw him at the Universal Amphitheatre and he really impressed us with the great show he gave. So when Jerry saw that he was coming to the Starlight Bowl, which we've never been to before either, he got us tickets and we invited my BFF to go with us. It was a beautiful night and at 63 years old, Rick put on another incredible performance. The guy can still move and sing! The place was packed and he has fan of all ages.

Chris enjoyed it too and actually said it only made him want to perform his music even more. So it served as an inspiration for him.

JUANES @ the Hollywood Bowl

In all the years of being a Californian, born and raised, I had never been to the Hollywood Bowl...yes, I know hard to believe. Christian has even been to the Hollywood Bowl before me. But after August 17th that has changed. I now have officially been to the Bowl and my first concert there was appropriately to see Juanes, the Colombian Spanish rock star, was in town playing with YOLA (Youth Orchestra Los Angeles)!!  I originally didn't even have plans to see this concert, but this was all thanks to my brother and my new SIL who graciously made every effort to get us tickets so Jerry and I could go. They had gotten tickets themselves (garden seats btw), but they got us tickets as a thank you for helping them out with their wedding. This was not expected or necessary, but I couldn't refuse such a chance. Serg even went so far to arrange my babysitting for me. It was truly all last minute and we didn't know we had the tickets until hours before the show.  We quickly put together some food, wine and drinks and drove down together with them. 
We also knew that our friends Adriana and Lina were going so of course we met up with them and hung out until we got kicked out of the seats next to them.

In the meantime we enjoyed our picnic style dinner, toasted with some Aguardiente (Colombian version of Uzo) to the excitement of just being there with them.
 The concert was a blast! Juanes was amazing and such a cutie pie! He is one of those artists that sounds just as great live as he does recorded, and then to add the enthusiasm and festive environment we were in...there was nothing like it.  We didn't have a lot of room at our seats, but that didn't stop us from dancing and singing along...Juanes even had Jerry dancing!! Lol...for those that know Jerry, that is truly saying something!!

For those of us there that were Colombian, you couldn't help but feel that sense of pride as you heard the LA Philharmonic (who was also there to play with Juanes) play music from another famous Colombian composer as a tribute, and then to hear YOLA play Juanes' music....OMG!! Then add the beauty of the stage itself  that lit up in all different colors to match the music...I was mezmorized!

Summer Concerts at the Park

These are usually a staple for us during the summer, and we usually attend at least 4-5 of these, but we were soo busy this summer we almost missed out on going at all. So to make up for it, we went to 2 back to back this past weekend. We went to see Wanted (The Bon Jovi tribute band) at the Santa Clarita Central Park on Saturday. It was a beautiful summer night, the weather was perfect and the music was great. We got their kind of late and we got lucky to get a pretty good space.
Then on Sunday night, we went to see DSB (Don't Stop Believing) a Journey tribute band we have seen a couple of times in the past, at the Valley Cultural Center in Woodland Hills. It was there last concert as well, and since we had gone earlier in the day to save a good space we were pretty close up and had a great view.  We always see the same local crazies at this place, and the kids and I got a chance to walk around.  Although there is nothing like the original Steve Perry and the Journey we all grew up with, they definitely are close enough to sounding like them and put on a great show. Great way to close off the summer series!

Thank you Brad Sherman?? Not sure what he means to me politically, but I was thankful that he so graciously had girls there to face paint my kids for free that day!! LOL! They loved it!
So looking back we actually experienced some great concert moments listening to a variety of music genres, and I love that the kids are exposed to all of these genres as well. Music is a huge part of our family life and going to concerts makes it all come alive.

What concerts did you go to this summer??

From my corner to yours, may music come alive for you as well.

Have a great weekend!

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