Tuesday, January 27, 2015

Purge, purge, purge!

I'm on a roll. I can't stop! Jerry thinks I'm on crack. Well not really, but he thinks I'm on something because I have been on this kick since this last weekend. I've been purging (and organizing) anything and everything I can get my hands on, a little at a time. The more I get done, the more I want to do....and it feels Great!

Purging can be very overwhelming, right? Where the heck do you start? You know that feeling when you open that messy drawer and you just go "Uggghh." You can't deal with looking at this space, but yet there is that absurd sense of like, 'well I know that what I need is in there somewhere, so whatever!'  Yeah, that feeling. But really, it was getting to the point that every drawer was turning into a "dump it drawer" and I am not having it this year. I am in the search of some control through letting go of as much CRAP as possible and the peace of keeping things looking simple and orderly. Something that is still hard to do when you are blessed to live with 4 boys/men(?) but a controlled version of this would be wonderful right now.

So this past week has been a non-stop daily attack of some space in my house. As I pull things out and before I consider keeping something useless, the words "purge, purge, purge" fly out of my mouth as verbal motivation to happily trash or give away. I have purged bathrooms, drawers, shelves, under the sink spaces, cabinets, you get the picture. I even spent 7 hours one night purging and rearranging my entire kitchen. The kitchen is my hub and I need things I use daily to be more accessible so all the pots/pans/appliances and more got rearranged as I tried to make better use of my kitchen space.

The fruits of my labor- 2 filled, above the rim garbage cans just from all the trash I pulled, and over 8 bags of old clothes, accessories, electronics and much more junk stuff to be given away. I have found things we thought were lost and could still use, and have found things that will never (ever) be used so bye-bye once and for all. Be gone, all of it!

I was on such a mission that I forgot to take before pictures, but trust me I'm saving you from the chaos, so lets just show you a few results of the after...

Its amazing to see how much space I have actually re-purposed and rearranged and in turn regained. Its not 100% magazine ready perfect, but its 100% better for me, for us. I have found spaces in my house that are now actually storing things they were meant to store and most things now have an appropriate place to go. And there is still more to go. (Keep posted this week for one of the funner projects I took on.)

I'm not sure where I am getting my drive from, but there is such a high that comes with purging..its like oxygen, the ability to breathe again, to think, to have clarity...its priceless. Using things now feels good, everything seems to work better, there are systems in place it feels like. I'm much more motivated to put things back where they belong because there's some where to do so now. More importantly, I've shown the guys what I've done so they too can help me keep things in order- fingers crossed! So I will continue to take advantage of it and do as much as I can before I fizzle out. Its wonderful to do, but heck...I've been working hard. I'm tired people...but its so worth it!

This "purge" has really aligned itself with my 'letting go' this year. I feel like I truly had to complete something as overwhelming like this now, in the first month of the year, before I could move on to to anything else I'd like to do in 2015.

I feel I now have permission to do what I really want to do...the fun stuff! I can't wait!

From my corner to yours...Happy purging!!


Brujita said...

Stuff? What kind of stuff? Can I have it? LOL!!!!! By the way, that is some dental hygiene arrangement. Still inspiring as always, Gordita...xo

Thea said...

The same is going on over here. Garage is done. Worked on bathroom stuff a few weeks ago. Did a little in the kitchen (that area isn't so bad). Pile is growing in the living room of things that need to hit ebay and craigslist. I have a load going to habitat for humanity and hazardous waste this weekend. Feels good...now if I can just finish all the reno projects that are still going on.

Susie Weeks said...

Love getting organized