Wednesday, January 14, 2015

My One litte 'phrase' for 2015...Letting go

Yes, this year I picked a phrase instead of just a single word.  I've been picking a word for many years, but I needed a change, something different to go with because this year is just going to be different... personal.  I mentioned not to long ago, that 2015 is going to be a year of many things - decisions, changes, endings and beginnings, bittersweet yet very exciting moments- and many more things that will entail some kind of  'letting go' for me.

I know it sounds a bit negative, but its not at all. I am consciously choosing not to look at it that way.  I'm choosing to look at 'Letting go' as a positive thing. Something that I need for my spiritual growth. It will be a way for me to accept what is right and what naturally needs to happen in all facets of my life and in the life of those around me this year. To accept and let go without fear but instead with lots of faith, love, happiness and encouragement.

Letting go is also about being flexible, going with the flow. Letting go of stuff- from material excess (ie.-cleaning out closets) to mental excess- silly battles, misunderstandings, habits and thoughts that won't do me any good or empower me to do better.  I struggle with letting go of little things sometimes, and that there are are things that I just can't change because it is what it is.  So learning to let go of these things will help set me free some of the negativity that I am constantly fighting in my head.

This is my goal for this year. 
And as I experience these moments of 'letting go' I will hopefully be able to share them with you as I explore a more reflective journaling and storytelling style this year. 
Let see what happens. 

I hope you'll follow me on this journey.
What is your word OR phrase this year? How do you want it to help you live this year?

From my little's to Letting go in 2015.

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Brujita said...

I have many people in my life who do this. For me, well....I could never get it to one word (can you say "excuses"). SO this year, after much thought..for me...Progress. Making progress, acknowledging progress and seeing any movement as a good thing. It's not about doing enough or being enough,it's about progress toward my inner and outer ideals, and aligning my life and intention toward that end.