Wednesday, December 24, 2014


These pictures represent last night which ended our successful 2014 Novena season. Although we're missing a few regulars in these pics- our spirit and joy still represents all who made them happen.

This year was special because I noticed something in particular which has meant more to me than ever.  This year our kids and even non-Colombian husbands were the ones asking for them, participating and urging them to happen. Wow, I loved this!

It was special because I noticed that they knew it was that time of year when they got to see this group of friends again. They looked forward to going to someone else's house each night for 9 nights. They even knew who's house was who's this time.

Our kids knew that we would pray and sing in Spanish (whether they understood it or not), that we would share food, laughter and some good old fashion games and prizes.

More importantly they now know that this is part of what makes THEIR Christmas time special. Its not just about the gifts and the craziness, but about getting together with people we love and truly getting to know that Christmas is all about. I believe that they too will fondly remember these Novenas as part of their childhood just like we have....A priceless gift for all us indeed.

Thank you once again to all of those who hosted a Novena, 
and to those who came and joined us it was great having you there. 
We truly had a blast!

From my little corner to yours..."Ven, Ven, Ven" and  Feliz Navidad! ;)


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