Friday, August 8, 2014

Foto Friday- A "Kat" in the water...

Who says cats don't like water? Well, our family's little "Kat"-arina (oh boy am I corny today- forgive me!) absolutely LOVES the water and I caught her in action while I babysat her last Sunday.

I recently had to send my new 40mm lens back to Canon to get fixed and this was the first time since getting back that I had a chance to test it out, and fell in love with it all over again. Its a great lens for low lights and so I was still able to get some great color even an overcast day like Sunday was. I can use it as a wide angle lens, but its flexible enough that I used it that day as a portrait lens and got some nice tight shots. I am still very new to prime lenses like the 40mm, but I am slowly learning why people love them so much. So I am excited to practice with it every chance I get.

Anyway, It was really hard not take a whole bunch of pictures (100+) of a cute baby girl fully enjoying the wonders of  water spouting from a water ring on a hot, humid day. So I wanted to share some of my favorites, and there's quite a few so I will try to keep them to a minimum. I'm really happy with how they came out, but even more importantly, I just love how I was able to capture just how much my niece loves to play in the water. Hope you'll enjoy as much as I did. Here she is...



I loved watching her watch the water come down. Every so often she would just stand there and take in the moment- so sweet.  I was also able to front focus on the water as it traveled and as she tried to catch the water.  So happy with this love this lens right now.

Her moments of sheer excitement and expressive movements were also the best
  And then I took some in black and white just because it makes these moments something special...

 Thank you Katarina for giving me the wonderful pleasure to witness and record your 
beautiful little carefree self.  Your Titi loves you!

From my corner to yours...Happy Foto Friday!

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