Wednesday, August 13, 2014

Documenting life...The next generation

Christian posted this two nights ago, and it took my breath away.  Is it possible that my love of pictures and documenting our lives was finally being passed on to the next generation, to my boys no less...well at least my oldest for now? Wow!!!  

His words were inspiring and sincere and they made my heart overflow. I was so proud of him. 

He came down after he posted this, all excited about his 'picture project' and told me how he couldn't  wait to see what his year would look like in pictures. That he wants to put all his pictures into an album of sorts...What??!!

And with just as much excitement I told him that this is exactly WHY I take soo many darn pictures, why I do Project Life, why I blog, and why I document their lives, our lives, and everything we do in between. 

I emotionally quoted him Becky Higgins who developed Project Life- 

"Cultivate a good life and record it!" 

Omg, because its soooo important to preserve those memories of your life! To be able to look back through pictures is a gift you give yourself and your loved ones.

I can't wait to follow his journey and to see what he does with this idea. I can't wait to see how develops his own style of taking pictures and documenting. I'm excited for him because this is his Senior year and it will be a year full of amazing events worthy of documenting. And I can't wait to help him figure out how to put it all together at the end. 

Christian, Go For It Babe. Your life is waiting to be told.
I love you!

From my little corner to yours...Have a great day!

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