Thursday, February 6, 2014

Around here...small celebrations

The last few weeks have been super busy, but full of parental satisfactions and some celebrating. To some it might not be a big deal but around here, in our house, it really is.

Around here...

Danny has been having a wonderful school year.  Danny has never been too fond of going to school, but like everything else with Danny, something has clicked this year in him and he has stepped it up for himself. He has been showing himself just what he's been capable of doing, and realizing the importance of good grades and is striving to get them.

This attitude has paid off for him in the last few weeks. Two weeks ago Danny got in the car after school with a huge smile on his face and a medal in hand. During the 8th grade pinning ceremony he received a pin for no "U's" on his report card and then he pulls out this medal from his shirt. He says he then got a medal for being the best student in his US History Class. He wasn't the only one, but it doesn't matter. He was recognized for his achievements. Way to go Danny!

The following week, Mikey was recognized with a "Kindness" award! At CHIME, each month a different character trait is focused on and January's trait was Kindness, so Mikey and 2 other children were handpicked by their classmates as students who have demonstrated this character the most this month. Its supposed to be a surprise for them, but once Mikey saw me there he knew he was getting an award, lol. We are so proud of Mikey, and we are not surprised whatsoever that Mikey would have been picked for this award because he truly has a heart of gold and is always kind both at school as well as at home. Well done, Mikey!

And the accolades keep coming for Danny...

This past Friday was the Honor Roll ceremony at Danny's school, and the letter we received said it was for Honors and High Honor recipients. I'll be honest, Jerry and I didn't know where Danny was going to fall, but I'm going to admit that we assumed he was on the Honor roll for GPA's from 3.0-3.4. We were excited nonetheless because that still would have been an accomplishment for D of course! But to our overwhelming surprise we witnessed and realized when they called his name that he was actually a High Honor Roll recipient. WHAT??!! Wait a minute...Danny had received a 3.86 GPA and was in fact in the High Honor Roll. OMG!! As you can imagine, we were speechless and overcome with so much pride and emotion.


Christian, has had a crazy 11th grade year. Its been a tough one for sure.  Just to give you an idea- He is juggling 7 classes, he's been recently named the Senior Editor for the beginning journalism newspaper for his school, he's part of a band outside of school, and has a beautiful girlfriend he likes to hang out with. (Yes! A girlfriend, but that is a conversation for later, lol). And on top of all this, he is getting ready to take 2 AP tests, and has just scheduled to take both his SAT and ACT tests in March and April test because the college application process is beginning in this household as well! really is a lot to handle but he is holding up and striving to keep up his grades and be able to have a normal teenage life at the same time. Jerry and I talk about how we don't remember life being so complicated at this age, but things have definitely changed since then.

Its TAX SEASON again!!! So what does that mean at our household? That Jerry is once again working really long hours, including weekends to do work on people's tax returns before April 15th deadline. This is unfortunately not something new for us, and has become a yearly expected routine, but it is hard to know that he is working soo many hours without much of a break. But Jerry is always working hard for us, and does it willingly and I can't tell him just how much we appreciate him for all he does. We always try to do something special when the season is over to celebrate so we look forward to that. Thank you Babe always and we love you!

So that's it for around here. 
A few moments to celebrate and acknowledge for all my boys. I love them soo much to say the least!
 However, there is always something going on, and as far as for me- I am always working on something new and creative as well, and the sewing machine has surfaced once again, but I will be sharing those things with you sometime soon. ;)

Looking forward to what February might bring, and we're excited to start
 this month off by celebrating our niece's 1st B-day this weekend. YAY!

From my corner to yours...Thanks for stopping by!

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