Friday, January 31, 2014

Its back...Won't you join me??

I know...Its Saturday, but I had to get let you know about this now so you could think about it over the weekend.

So, I've mentioned before that one of my favorite bloggers is Liz Lamoreux. She just has a very special insight into personal reflection yet at the same time can inspire the best in you. I don't know what it is, but I really appreciate her writing, and she's drawn me in ever since.

So as you may have read, back in October I took part in one of Liz's (free) online adventures called
10 days of saying YES to this Moment It was a great experience for me and I took you through a peak of what was a very personal journey for me.  In that post I was hoping to share some of the practices I learned with you so that maybe you'd be inspired to try some of them in your life.

But its back!!
Liz is bringing Yes, this 10-day adventure back! 
And I'm in for another round.
Won't you join me this time??

Don't just take a peak! Come and experience this wonderful 10-day adventure for yourself,
but not by yourself.  Let me know and we'll all go on this journey together.

So that's it! Again, think about it! It starts this Tuesday, February 4th, and you still have time to sign up!

For more information and to register head over to Liz Lamoreux's link here. 
Remember, its FREE!!

Have a great weekend!

From my corner to yours...lets say "YES" to this moment together.

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