Friday, January 24, 2014

Foto Friday...the golden hour

Hi there! Its my first Foto Friday of the year and I'm excited to get this theme going again. As I always mention when I share new pictures, I am practicing and trying to improve my skills and I'm always trying to do something new. I am working on doing my part to read, learn and gather inspiration from photographers who's work I admire. But the only way to truly learn is by putting it into practice right? So I've been doing some more of that as well.

One of the looks that I've been loving lately are those pictures taken as the sun is starting to set. Its not only my favorite time of the day, but its the prettiest time of the day as well. It is apparently known in the photography world as the "golden hour."

So as soon as this year started I had the privilege and the sweetest opportunity to shoot these adorable girls- The Salazar sisters. The girls are daughters of Mikey's former Kindergarten teacher, Mrs. Salazar and who was referred to me by my friend Angie, who's daughter I have been taking pictures of since she was born. Sarah's only goal was to hopefully get just one good picture of the 3 of them... together in the same shot. Lol, having 3 boys who I've tried to pose when they were little on many occasions, I totally understood how difficult this could be. I couldn't make any promises other than I would do my best, but I think we succeeded in trying.

So this is Grace, Mary and lil' Diana- Such beautiful classic names for these girls.

Grace- The oldest of the girls, and she couldn't have been given a better name. She is total grace, the nurturing older sister, and such an old soul. She also knew exactly what the camera was for. She knew how to turn her head and she even seemed to know what poses she wanted. Such a great subject to shoot.


Mary- the free spirit. Boy did this little one make me laugh and she reminded me so much of Mikey at that age. She was very quick and totally marched to her own beat, and that's what made her so wonderful to picture. All she wanted to do was to pick flowers for her mama. 

 Diana - 6 months old and such a bundle of yumminess!  Look at her! The camera seemed to scare her at times which would make her cry, but her mama and her sisters helped me out by making her laugh. Lets just say she is a huge fan of her big sisters and her mama.

I had to work quick. I had to take advantage of this golden hour as much as possible in conjuction with the fact that as most of know, children lose interest in anything real quick, and they do not like staying in any particular pose for too long so I ended up getting the majority of shots in their natural state which I love.

 Here are a few of my favorites to share of them:




Thank you Salazar family for trusting me, for giving me this 
wonderful opportunity with your beautiful girls, and for letting me share them here. 
Thank you all for stopping by as well, and have a great weekend!

From my corner to yours...Happy Foto Friday!

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