Thursday, January 2, 2014

Looking ahead at 2014...

The holidays are OVER people!!!

Here we are again...The new year has begun and its all back to normal, right?
Well kind of...NOT!

If your life is anything like mine right now, it will still take a few days (weeks really!) to get your groove back and your normal routine back in order. Lets face it- the kids are still at home, Xmas is still not put away, you're still waking up after 8am and your body still thinks its eating for the holidays. And the new year's events will begin to roll in without any consideration of this, and we find ourselves trying to catch up already.

Anyway, despite all of this I am still trying to find the best way to start off this year. I had mentioned in my 2013 wrap up that my family will be starting off with some challenges already, but after I wrote that I realized that I didn't want to get caught up in the negative, so I started to think of what we have coming up this year to look forward to and concentrate on that.

First off, I went on my traditional New Years Day walk. I started this 3 years ago when I started my health journey, and now I truly feel that its a great way for me to set the tone and my commitment for the year for myself.  Its just not a resolution anymore- its a true priority in my life, and so no matter how tired I am from my NYE festivities, I make it a point to go out for a walk.  So yesterday, I went out a little later than usual, but it was worth the wait as my boys decided to go with me. Chris walked with me, and the boys decided to ride their bikes a little ahead of us. It was a beautiful day, the sun was shining and it was the right amount of warm, and we did about 2 miles. It felt great to accomplish this together!

In general, this year I am looking forward to:
  • Getting my mom home from the hospital, settled and some logistics taken care of
  • My mom's full recovery from her accident
  • Seeing the boys start new chapters in their lives
  • Seeing some other opportunities and ideas finally come to fruition
  • Christian starting his Senior year of high school and going through the whole college selection process with him 
  • Continuing my Project Life album for 2014
  • Finding some organizational peace within me for balancing work, home and my hobbies 

Some events my family has to look forward to this year:
  •  A first birthday, a First Communion, and a Confirmation
  • Christian getting his license- (although I'm not sure if I should be happy, relieved or very afraid???)
  • 2 graduations- Mikey from elementary school and Danny from middle school
  • More family reunions (maybe even out of the country?)
  • Our 20th Wedding Anniversary!! Wow! (still planning on what to do)
  • The possibility of a family trip and some smaller ones too?
  • A family wedding 
  • And any other event that may present itself throughout the year
So keeping things in perspective, we've got lots to look forward to and it gives me a good vibe to work with.  Do you have your list of things to look forward to this year? Its a nice list to keep handy to remind ourselves of the good things coming when things get a little tough.

From my corner to yours...let's make it a great 2014!!


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