Tuesday, December 31, 2013

Wrapping up 2013...

This year is over tonight and what can I say other than that it feels like it literally flew by. Don't you think so?
I also feel like the holidays crept up on me and many things went on a stand still including this blog, and my first Project Life album (although, do not fret- it will be finished and posted). But as of today, there are stories that will be left untold because there is just NO more time to do so.  The last few weeks have been a bit unexpected, stressful and busy to say the least, but we hope to be ending this year on a good note nonetheless.

I usually give a summary of my year because up until this year, my posts were few and far between so I had to fill in the year for you at the end. But the one thing I think I really accomplished this year was writing and posting the most I ever have in 4+ years. Not only did I write the most this year, but I also accomplished bringing to life and maintaining my spanish blog concurrently...not bad, right?
So I can happily say I've worked really hard this year to post my personal and family life's adventures and events more often than not. I still have a lot of consistency to work on, and will continue to try to improve my blogs, but I can't complain for now.

I was going to summarize my year in pictures, but quickly realized that there were just way toooo many to pick from and the truth is my blog posts have been far from lacking of pictures so I'll spare you guys anymore of that for now.

So in summary- 2013 was a year:
  • when new members joined the family and others disconnected
  • for the joys of a having a new baby in the house again to be felt
  • for our families and friendships near and far continued to be nourished 
  • For our boys to grow by leaps and bounds into wonderful young men
  • for accomplishments, some disappointment and lessons learned
  • for personal and physical strength and growth 
  • for skills to be found and put to use
  • for learning to teach, trust and let go
  • for opportunities to be explored and taken
  • for colleges and futures to be discussed and looked at
  • for smaller but meaningful trips to be taken 
  • that some sports were ended and some new ones tried
  • for performances and family talents to be displayed 
  • when sad and random acts of unkindness and death happened around us
  • where God was truly and always present in our lives
  • where we kept realizing just how lucky we really are
  • that MANY, many wonderful memories were made despite of it all!!
And I am truly looking for many more to be made in 2014 :)
I'll be honest, the new year will prove to start off with some challenges for our family to face already, BUT on the positive side- we fully trust that God will continue to be with us through it all and will help us find hope, happiness and peace to make it a year to remember and celebrate!!

I'll take this time to finish off with a heartfelt THANK YOU to all of you new and old who continue to support this little blog of mine by reading and thoughtfully commenting, and I hope to see you around again for another year's worth of adventures.

May 2014 be the year you want and need it to be!!

From my little corner to yours...



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