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Project Life- Catching Up (part 2) Weeks 31- 36

Hello my friends! So glad you've decided to join me again. ;)

You have no idea how good it felt to get that blog post off my chest yesterday! Getting these pages updated on my blog has been looming over me for a long time to say the least, so as long as I'm on a roll, I'm going for it.

I needed to make a correction to Week 29 from yesterday's post-
I apparently forgot that I had also added this insert of the series of continous shots I got of the boys  breaking through each of their planks to complete their yellow belt testing. It was such an important moment for each of them, and we were so proud that they deserve to be recognized for that.  I had just forgotten that I had added this insert to the already expansive 4 pages for that week. I believe that every memory counts, don't you?

Ok, so here we go with weeks 31- 36...

Weeks 31 and 32
Yesterday I forgot to show you how 2 individual weeks look like side by side.  You'll see that I do my best to coordinate both sides so even though they're different weeks I can still make it visually appealing. But to be honest that's the nice thing about this project is that you can't really make it look bad. Somehow the pages end up going together anyway.  These two weeks maybe not so much, but on the other hand..they're also done!

 WEEK 31- This week I apparently didn't take any pictures during the week so our trip to Palm Springs with my In Laws was enough to fill in the page. And I added a cute new journal card in there with some of the details of our very restful weekend. We did not do much at all other than take in the sun, the palm trees, some swimming and some good food. Its always a lot of fun to travel with the Titos.

WEEK 32-  This was the last week before school started for the kids and Christian unfortunately found himself pretty much doing homework ALL summer long even upto the night before his first day of school (poor kid) and I took pictures of the very clever note he left us not just on his door but on Facebook as well letting us just how delirious he had gotten that night....loved it! I also got in a dinner with my BFF's for Alicia's b-day, and Mikey and I crashed a movie at the park with Chris and his friends.

Just a note: you will notice soon enough that I didn't quite do a good job at matching my title cards these few weeks. I should have used them on matching left and right pages, but didn't. Oh well...again, they're done! That's all that matters.

WEEK 33- And the school year begins for Chris and Danny while Mikey continues to enjoy an extra week to himself. We babysat my niece, got a new kitchen faucet to replace a leaky one (finally) and ended the week with a last minute getaway to Sin City, Las Vegas! We went with my mom and my aunt and its always an adventure when we're together but we enjoyed all of it. The boys really got the most out of their time at the pool and at Circus Circus.

WEEK 34-  And finally the summer is officially over as Mikey started school on Aug. 19th. This was a special week all around as it was also Danny's 14th birthday and we had a special visit from our cousin Danny (Yes two Danny Camacho's in our family) and his wife Crystal from Texas. 

WEEK 35- This week was all about getting back in the groove of things for me, a trip to the bank for Danny, getting Mikey started on training for his mile, seeing our nephew in uniform, and celebrating my brother's 40th birthday at a family friendly pub. I also included labor day weekend in this week with pictures of Katarina getting in the pool for the first time.

WEEK 36- It was another scorching week to end the month of August and I felt the need to acknowledge that the last few months of the year were upon us. We had a nice Colombian meal to close up the week. And to be honest as I mention in my journaling card, it seemed to have been a pretty uneventful week as I couldn't remember anything truly mind blowing about it. So on to the next week. 

So I got 6 weeks into this post...yay!! And if you think about it, those 6 weeks basically took us all the way through end of July to the first week of September. Wow! That's how time goes by so quickly! We're catching up and I'm so excited!

Thanks again!

From my little corner....See you tomorrow!

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