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Project Life- Massive Catching Up (part 1)... Weeks 25- 30

Hello there! Project Life is BACK!

Did you think I had forgotten about it or not continued with it? Never!
I am happy to say that I have religiously been working on it, and I  know, Its been a super long while since I've caught you guys up, but what can I say! I'm here now and there are good 20+ weeks I have to show you!!! Is that possible?  Yes its been over 20 weeks since the last time we met up!!!
Just crazy!!

So  I was actually going to catch you guys up via a video to try to go through all the weeks in one shot, but as I started taping, I quickly realized that it would actually take much longer and aside from running out of video storage on my phone, I also found out I actually like to talk, tooo much...even to myself! Lol! Does that surprise anybody???

Uumm...Please don't answer that ;)

Anyway, one of the things I was going to talk about in my video is something I know I've mentioned before, but for the sake of those checking in on this project for the first time, I was going to get a little more in depth on how I use Picasa as my image organizer of choice. I use Picasa not just for downloading my pictures, but I use it as my editing system, as a way to get journaling done and a way to get in as many pictures as possible into my project life album.  I don't have Photoshop or any other professional editing software, as I never got around to learning how to use it. So for me, Picasa is editing software for dummies...seriously. If I can edit on this, anyone can. Its user friendly and I feel that I can gets some pretty cool effects and edits to get the pictures I want.  I would like to move into something more professional, but for now it works for me.

I am also the kind of Project Lifer who feels bad if I don't use as many of my pictures as possible. Why would I take so many then? Well, there are many people who only like picking out a few pictures, and that's ok, but that's why I turn to my collages. Picasa allows me to easily make them- I can add as many pictures in my collage, I can manipulate them, change them around, and then have Costco print them up for me for cents on the dollar...It just makes more sense to me.

Again, I'm touching on this once more because if you don't remember any of my last pages, you'll see a lot of what I just talked about on the remaining pages and you'll understand my format a little better.

Anyway, let's start off with Week 25....

WEEK 25-
So summer was on a roll at this point for us, super busy but a lot of fun. This week we discovered comic book stores, new burgers, a new website to love, and Chris was home for the weekend. This was also the weekend I went away with my sisters-in-law to Palm Springs and we had a blast. Again, we all took so many great pictures I had to get in as many as possible to remember the fun we had so I put together two 8x10 collages that I put together back to back in an insert.


Right now all I remember was that it was just really HOT that week! So there was a lot of swimming, a party, a beautiful sunset, a concert and cool treats.

One of the things I'm excited to show you in the next few pages are the new decorative cards I'll be using from the new Project Life Kraft and Midnight Core Kits...I love them so much! They  come with titled cards like this one that just worked perfectly with this picture of Danny and I daring to hold a HUGE Boa Constrictor on our shoulders at a kids birthday party.  Totally easy to give it that journaling touch and be done.

WEEK 27-  Because the summer came and went, I either forgot to take a lot of pictures or just took them of the most important things of each week. My point is that I have ended up with a lot of just 1 to 1.5 pages for each week...Totally ok with me!

This week we apparently had a few food adventures, a walking adventure with the boys and ended the week with a movie...Fun! Oh and I received the 'Save the Date' card for my cousin Juan and Jessie's wedding in the Florida keys, and it was just too gorgeous not to add to my page. I'm just really sad that it doesn't look like we'll be making that wedding after all. I could honestly cry!! :'(

Front of the insert of Week 28
                    Back of the insert

WEEK 28-This was a fun week that started off at the   beach with some cool new things in the mail, a stop on Wed. for a free slurpee and ended with a long awaited trip to San Diego for the first of 3 family reunions for us this year. The pictures I took at the reunion I printed up as collages (once again) and put them in an 8.5 x 11 page protector that I sewed down to 6 x11 to give it a tight fitting frame.  Also, as you can see I am also really using my pictures as backdrops for my Title cards. Another benefit of using Picasa- it allows me to journal right on my pictures and I get them printed...super easy. I really try to be as resourceful as possible.

WEEK 29- Contrary to what I said in regards to short pages, Week 29 has proven to be the biggest spread of pages I've done for just one week up to date- 4 pages total. Why so many you ask? Well because aside from the fact that the week itself was packed with other activities such as- Our 19th Wedding Anniversary and Chris's culmination of his Upward Bound program- this was the back to back weeks of family reunions and it was time for the Camacho reunion to take place.

You may have seen the blog post, but these pages took me a small while to configure, but I did it. There were just sooo many pictures I ended up making over 10 small collages to fit the majority of pictures in. But they had to go in I tell you! I really like the finished look and again I added a few of the new Kraft and Midnight Kit cards to add some touch.

WEEK 30 -  We were really busy the month of July, and this week I did end up with a 2 page spread + an insert.

I was just recovering from the last 2 reunions to head right into getting ready for my baby niece's baptism that last weekend in July. But before all that- the boys tested for their yellow belts, we had another trip to the beach, and our Colombian posse took in the Carlos Vives concert the night before (what a blast that was). All super memorable!

I had to use an insert again to start of the  pictures from the day of the baptism. The pictures were 5x7 so I put the layout on colored vellum in an 8x11.5 insert and cut it down to make it snug and closed it up with washi that stuff! On the second right page, I had to get creative with my collages and individual pics to make this page work and it looks like a big puzzle it!

 Right page to finish it off

Ok so that is about 5 weeks down, but yet soo many more to go. I figured I'd give you a little bit at a time so as to not overwhelm you all.  But I do believe I'm going to post a few everyday and hopefully we can be caught up by Friday and my goal will be met. Lets see if it happens.

Anyway,  I  hope you've enjoyed it and that you'll come back to check out the rest. Do you remember what you did in July? Did you document any of it? You still have time!  ;)

From my little corner to yours...Thanks for stopping by!

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