Thursday, July 11, 2013

Something special about the beach...

As the boys and I hit the beach this week,
It gave me some time to realize that there is just something soo special about a trip to the sand...

Driving over Kanon Road and spotting the ocean and knowing your getting close
Finding the perfect station and spot and calling it yours
Finally sitting down and digging my feet into the damp favorite

Watching my boys enjoy every minute playing in the waves
Even with the sounds of the waves crashing there's a special quiet your mind achieves
There's time to read a good magazine or a book
There's time for a good conversation to be had (this time with myself ;)
Time to close your eyes for a few minutes
Time to soak in the sea breeze and the beautiful sunlight
Time to work on getting that year round tan?
Time to think about anything and everything
and yet life's issues tend to go least for a little bit while you're there
You can't help but find yourself people watching and observing...Oh dear, can that be amusing!
And yet you're not there to do much anyway, but isn't that the point?

And although the beach is the best place and times to be truly shared with friends,
some alone time on this blessed ground is ok to be cherished as well.

Then the drive home down PCH is my favorite too!
Windows down, music UP....Katy Perry was the CD of choice this time- so good!
Hearing the boys talk about how much fun they had
Catching the sun going down just a bit over the horizon
and watching the ocean go by us and inviting us back again soon...real soon!

I love these overcast days myself, but our day at the beach this week was PERFECT!
From my corner to yours...may you find those perfect days at the beach this summer too!


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