Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Project Life catch up..... Weeks 21 - 24


I truly hope you are all having a wonderful summer and enjoying your time. This summer started off fairly slow and uneventful, but it was so nice that way. After the craziness of the year end, we needed a few weeks to take things slow.  We spent some time getting rooms organized which included purging/transferring/donating the outgrown wardrobes of 3 growing boys as well as old papers, toys and STUFF! We've also been planning some small (very small) but hopefully meaningful redecorating  items to our home which always helps us feel good about the space we're in. We also have a very special family reunion and a celebration coming up in a few weeks as we're going to host an out of town family member and a special luncheon so we're hoping these little fixes will go a long way for many reasons.

In the meantime, I am happy to say that I have actually been keeping up pretty well with my Project Life, so I'm here to catch you up on 4 of the last 6 weeks.

Week 21

 This week was a busy one as it led into Memorial Day Weekend so I made the "executive" decision that I would include the events of the whole weekend including Monday, but the pictures include some of the following events:
  •  Lulu had one of her many playdates with Duchess our neighbor's dog
  • Oklahoma's tornado happened and we watched and prayed, and I took a minute to be grateful
  • My 5k training continued and I found a delightful reward in oatmeal pancakes
  • I did a baby shoot of my dear friends baby boy Matthew with my new camera and got some great shots
  • The boys earned a few more stripes on their white belts...way to go boys!
  • Saturday, we visited friends from our college day, Cory and Debbie Rivera and their sweet family after a 2 years of not seeing them.  It was nice to reminisce and laugh about so many college stories and realize how some things never change. Thank you Cory and Deb!
  • Memorial Day Monday included watching our nephew (Andrew) play baseball and then celebrate his and our other nephew (Jorgito) birthdays. Such a nice way to end the weekend.

Week 22- This week led into the 2nd week before school got out and the craziness began...
  • Danny and Lulu, have a special relationship...true companionship! So I had to document that when I caught a special moment between a boy and his dog.
  • There were many early days off this week for Mikey, so I spent a lot of time at the nearby Starbucks just to make things easier and lunch at In-N-Out was in order.
  • Mikey had his student led conference, dress rehearsals and finished off the week with his Lion King performances for his school play.
  • We celebrated Casandra's birthday on the weekend with dinner and dessert at Menchi's.

Of course I took plenty of pictures during Mikey's play so I had to find a way include them, so I turned to making multiple collages to help summarize the whole play. One collage of the sets, one of his performance as Mufasa, and one of his performace as Pumba. The one other thing I was really happy to add was a journal card that I asked Mikey to fill out. I had him write down his thoughts about how he felt doing his first play. He wasn't sure what to write but he did a nice job and it just makes me happy to see it recorded in his writing.

Week 23 and Week 24
Because these two weeks went by kind of quick and so much seemed to be happening that only a few things actually made it into pictures for both weeks. So once again, I made it easy on myself and I put 2 weeks on this 2 page spread. I designed the title cards with text on a 3x4 pictures and made them match and placed them exactly opposite each other to pull the look together.

Week 23- This was the last week of the school year. There were end of the year classroom parties to be had, volunteer baking for me, Chris performed with his band, school ended and Chris headed back to Upward Bound that weekend and we took the opportunity to take a family picture before he left.

Week 24-   This week we were on our own without Chris so Danny, Mikey and I spent a lot of time together, and spent some quality fun time with baby Katarina during the week. Jerry and Mikey had a special moment together that I caught as Mikey had been wanting to watch a basketball game with his dad and they got a chance to do so watching an early playoff sweet! And then the week ended with Chris coming home for Fathers Day and a special picture with Jerry and his boys at church that evening. Another really nice weekend.

It was truly a special weekend as Chris and I also ran the  Culver City 5k for Autism early that Fathers Day morning. I wanted to make sure I got these in as part of the weekend, but there were too many pictures not to include so an 8x10 collage was the way to get them all in. I included a copy of my blog post regarding the 5k behind it so the insert held the one event all together.

And there you have it! 4 weeks updated in one blog post! YAY!!

Thankfully I've been keeping up with my pictures so it really is just about getting my blog post done..the bigger challenge in all of this. However, getting my pages done is my first priority as I am more and more committed to this project as it goes along.

I will be back soon with more updates and hopefully more sharing about our summer adventures.

I will be sharing on The Mom Creative so check that out too.

Thanks again for stopping by!

From my corner to yours...Happy Hump Day!

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Katie from Katie's Nesting Spot said...

Four weeks at one go, doesn't it feel great to be caught up! Or at least more caught up? Our summer also began a little slow but I'm still behind because the end of the year was so packed. Oh well, I'm not stressing because it's important to live and enjoy life, not just record it.