Monday, June 10, 2013

And another school year is over...

Things around here have been very busy, and the school year has already ended. But I wanted to share a few things that the boys have been up to before the next year starts up, and I forget to write all this down.

Mikey ended his 4th grade really strong with soo many great activities like Mastering Math, their Annual project, and their Student led conferences (now on Power Point no less), and is soo looking forward to being in 5th grade next year. Wow, its so crazy to think that we are heading into our last year of elementary school for our family...ever!! Is that really possible? I guess it is!
Mikey has never acted before but he decided to take drama this second semester and he definitely took us all by surprise with his double roles of Mufasa AND Pumba in CHIME's version of the Lion King. We weren't quite sure what to expect from the whole experience, but  it  was so well adapted by Mr. Pearson (the drama teacher), the sets were incredible, and the fact that the play was done in the outside classroom was just the perfect setting for this play.                                                              
Mikey took his roles very seriously as he was very sneaky at home and made sure he didn't let any of us know what his performances were going to be like and kept all his secrets for the day of his show. He seamlessly switched into each role, and just amazed us at how well he did! We were soo proud of him, and it was so much fun to see this side of Mikey come out. Apparently quite the little actor our Mikey is, and we're looking forward to him auditioning for the next production at CHIME.

Danny ended his 7th grade and is heading into his final year of middle school. OMG!! (This means we will have two kids graduating next year!) He made much progress in his reading ability as we found a way to help him by listening to audio books this year, and it made a big difference in his reading comprehension in all levels of reading in general. He also participated in his 7th grade Renaissance fair and was able to work with 2 other boys from school which was such a big deal for him to feel like he was part of a team. Its all about the little things with Danny.
This fall will be all about researching and finding the appropriate high school for him so we're getting ready for that challenge. Just thinking of Danny heading into high school in about a year or so makes me emotional, but so excited for him as well. For now he is concentrating on Tae Kwon Do, and as I've mentioned in a previous post he is taking this very seriously as well. He's been very focused and is thriving from the nature of the sports' theory in discipline and strength.  I believe we found something he can truly excel in.

Christian ended his 10th grade on a high note...literally. The day before school ended, he participated and performed with his band- Big Brother - at a charity event for the Pablove Foundation for pediatric cancer at the Secret Rose, put on by one of his own classmates. It was a great event where a whole bunch of high school aged soloists and bands performed to raise money for this organization and it was a full house. He was so excited to have his band participate in this and to have his cousin, Jordan, fill in for their drummer Adam, who couldn't make it that day. They sounded amazing too!

The next day school was out, and then 2 days later Chris was once again packed up and ready for his second and final year with the Upward Bound program at CSUN. As some of you might remember, Chris participated last year in this program and he had such a great experience that he was totally looking forward to going back. So for the next 6 weeks he will dorm and commute off and on, and end the program with a 3 day college trip. So he's been gone this week already, and we've missed him dearly, but its such a great opportunity that we can only be happy for him. 

We're so proud of our boys and all they've accomplished this year, and looking forward to a new beginning in the fall. For now, we're looking forward to a busy summer that includes the beach, lots of swimming, lots of friends and family time together, and finding new things to do as we go along. 

From our corner to yours...Wishing you a fabulous summer!!


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