Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Project Life catch up Weeks 19 & 20...

Hi there! How was your Memorial Day Weekend??

I have to say that we really enjoyed and took advantage of ours. We did a little bit of everything- we relaxed, lounged, visited old friends, then we worked hard around the house, got quite of few things taken care of, saw lots of family, enjoyed lots of music and even some little league baseball.  My hubby was enjoying this weekend so much, he kept wanting to freeze, he really did! But how? Impossible of course, but his childlike disappointment was heartbreaking. (I wish I could do that for you Babe!)  It was just a really nice weekend and we're always so grateful when they're that nice, and we're looking forward to the next one.

For now- we're on Week 22, but I will be bringing you up to speed on my Project Life's weeks 19 and 20 today.

Week 19- As I had mentioned in my previous PL post, weeks 18 and 19 ended up being one page layouts. Not a lot of pictures, but not a lot of stress...just the way I like it.  I am really enjoying making my weekly title cards by combining text on a picture that I'm not always sure how to include but want to get into my page somehow.

  • This week included the boys 2nd week of TaeKwonDo and earning a few stripes. They were soo excited.
  • I received my pretty Autism necklace I had ordered in the mail and I'm wearing it for my Danny.
  • I registered for the Culver City 5/10K for Autism (check out my site here for more info or to donate)
  • Mikey had a Gold Mining field trip at Riley's Farm
  • Chris & I watched Silver Linings Playbook and we loved it! Super powerful and inspiring! Hence I had to include that picture as my title page this week!
  • And we ended the week with a nice Mothers Day with my boys and spent time with both my Mom and MIL. 

 Week 20-  This week proved to be A LOT more photo driven than the weeks past, and I enjoyed it. Aside from using my new camera, I felt like I was actually more mindful this week about what I was taking pictures of and everything seemed picture worthy even including a new kitchen gadget that gave me some new organizational control of my drawers. Go figure!

 This Week included:
  • A heat wave and some great water play for the boys,
  • Starting my 5K training with the help of some phone apps and internet schedules
  • I tried out a Banana Chocolate Chip bread recipe that turned out fabulous.
  • Got my camera upgrade in the mail (soo excited) and tried it out the rest of the week on anything I could including some of Mikey's beautiful artwork and the rest of the week's pictures.
  • Finally feeling the vibe and made Mikey's costumes for his drama production of the Lion King and I was excited to see how it came out.

This week's pictures worked out for me as it seemed like each of the boys got their chance to shine this week.
  • Danny is really showing some nice talent in TaeKwonDo and the pictures I took really depict a focus I've never seen in him which makes me more excited than you could possibly understand. He is really enjoying this and that is awesome for us to see.
  • Mikey had his Annual Project about Math Skills at school to present and it always amazes me to see just how much he get out of doing these projects. I love that it hones in on his presentation skills and he is always so good at this. I can see just how he will carry these skills out later in life.
  • Christian had his final Cleveland High School Baseball game and we took advantage to take as many pictures of him in action as possible. We're not sure if he'll be playing baseball next year...High school baseball is just another beast all together and unfortunately,we can't say its been too positive an experience either for any of us, but more importantly for Chris so he might be moving on to something else. Jerry loves baseball so it was kind of hard, but it was important for me that he get to see his son play his final two games of the season. Christian will always be our little slugger though!

So that's it! I think I'm in a good spot now with catching you guys up, but I don't want to jinx myself. School is almost out so the next couple of weeks are going to be pretty busy so we'll see how it goes.

I'll be sharing my post on The Mom Creative  and from my corner to yours...Thanks for stopping by!

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