Monday, July 29, 2013

2 Reunions and a Baptism (part 1)...

Oh, there is soo much to catch up on!! I don't know where I got the idea that this summer wasn't going to be much fun for my family, but I was soo wrong!  This has been a month of some continuous weeks of many fun family affairs for us, and we have some great memories that I wanted to share, but it looks like like its going to be a three parter as the title of this post suggests.

July 13th- The Palacio Family 2nd Annual Reunion in San Diego, CA

We had 2 reunions back to back this month, and the Palacio Family reunion was the first one to enjoy.

We hadn't been back to San Diego since last year's reunion so this year we headed to down south a day before to spend some time at our Cousin Meño's house (which is like being home away from home), and we took advantage to visit our favorite pizza place in La Mesa- San Filippo's Pizza, just one of the best mom and pop pizzerias around. We just don't have one quite like these in the valley! Anyway, either we were really hungry or something because that pizza was delicious!

 The next day was the 2nd annual reunion back at the same great location as last year, Spanish Landing Park on the port of San Diego. It was a beautiful day, and its always a beautiful spot with a small beach for the kids to enjoy and a space big enough to hold this huge Palacio family for a day full of fun. Some one mentioned that it was almost 60 of us who showed up from my Mother In Laws side of the family, and yet there were plenty of family members that werent able to make it so we could have easily hit almost 90+ members if all had joined. I love that we are part of such a big family! 

Our cousin Claudia is the one who always puts this together and she always does a great job, but the rest is up to us.  We all bring food, side dishes and desserts to share...Always tons of food! There was a volleyball game played (San Diego vs. LA, and apparently there is a rematch in the works). The kids spend their entire time in the small beach and playing and getting along with their San Diego cousins, while we caught up with family we hadn't seen as well.

The whole point of these reunions is to make sure our kids get to know their family...their whole family,
from all sides, so when they get older they too will continue to get together and keep up the family traditions.  The more we do these the more everyone will be connected.


I loved seeing Christian and Jordan, the musicians in our immediate family meet and get to know their cousin Giovanna who sings (Cousin Fernie's daughter who goes to UC Merced). They spent time time collaborating and playing together. Soo cool!

Then its time to take the big Palacio family picture, which is a task in itself, but a fun one.

Then just the Palacio-Camacho family...

Then there's our little family...

And then Jerry and I...

It was a great 2nd annual Palacio reunion and a wonderful weekend in San Diego as always!
We love spending time down there and always enjoy relaxing and the non stop conversations and  eating of good food that Meño and Ana always serve up... Good times!

Thank you to Claudia and all our Palacio family for the wonderful memories 
and we can't wait for next year's reunion.

That following Tuesday was our 19th Wedding Anniversary so SD was an added way to celebrate out there too, but it was a quiet 7/16 that included Menchi's with the boys, and a dinner on Thursday at PF Chang's since I had never been.

Happy 19 years together Baby!!
 I love you!

NEXT, the Camacho Family Reunion to follow...

Thanks for stopping by!

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