Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Project Life- Catch up on Weeks 11, 12 and 13

Wow!! Three weeks behind on this project. I knew it would eventually happen, when life just caught up with me and I just couldn’t get to everything going on around me. But I am trying really hard to get back in gear. 

One of the reasons why I even dared to post my Project Life weekly pages to begin with, was to  make me accountable to get them done! If not, it would be way too easy to just not work on them, so I am going to keep to it as best as I can. 

Having said that though, I don’t want to bore anyone with a super long post describing each of the last 3 weeks.  I’m going to try to quickly just show the layouts for each week and touch on something different that I did for each one.

Week 11
This week was full of some fun things including a Bachelor Viewing party, another b-day lunch, the picking of a New Pope, a photo shoot of sweet baby Zion, a Runyon hike with the BFF, Mikey's Mission Museum presentation, and Jerry's gig. It also includes an 8x10 insert with a collage of pictures and a single favorite 8x10 picture from our visit to the GettyI didn’t do much decorating, but I did use some washi tape, and and Ali Edward skill of writing straight on my pictures for a cool change and I really liked that. I also decided to journal using Word and then print it on card stock to be able to fit more in and still make it look neat.
Left side with insert
Also, If you look closely at the insert, you'll notice that I actually used my sewing machine to sew all the way around the picture using a cute star stitch. I've been wanting to do something like this for a while and I finally got my chance.

Right side with back side of insert

Week 12
March was proving to be an unexpectedly busy month.  This week was the last week before spring break, Jerry took me to my last b-day lunch for the year, Mikey found a new interest in hammers, nails and wood, and we had another birthday in our family. Christian turned 16 years old!!  And on Palm Sunday no less so it was a special day to say the least! He was woken up to the surprise of getting his own computer, and his reaction was priceless. He’s a good kid, and he’s been needing one and he’s not that far from college so we figured it be a good age to get him his own.  We had a family get together, with his favorite Chinese food for dinner, and it was a nice way to end the week and a great start to his Spring Break.

Spring Break was here and this year we were determined to make it count and have fun! It was nice to have the boys home, but we had a full week planned. It turned out to be College Tour week for our family (blog post is coming!). Christian had a full day out with his Upward Bound group on Tuesday to tour the campuses of Loyola Marymount and Pepperdine. Then from Wednesday - Friday, we went on the road with our dear friends, The Halaby’s to do our own College tour up northern California .  We visited UCSB, Cal Poly SLO and Stanford on Friday, and we made a pit stop at Pismo Beach.  This week I used collages of pictures we took of each school, and I am going to let Christian do most of the journaling to get his perspective/thoughts/comments about each school so he can look back on his own comparison when he actually decides where he wants to go later.

 Gosh it feels sooo good to be caught up!!! 

And that ladies and gentlemen, are the last 3 weeks of March pretty much in a nutshell! It was an exciting month, and April is just beginning so I'm hoping to get back on schedule for weekly posts...fingers crossed.

Either way, I'm heading over to The Mom Creative to catch up with the others as well.

From my corner to yours...Happy Wednesday!


Laura Railing said...

love this! what a fun project!

Linda Jordan said...

Wow, looks like an exciting month! You have so many photos, my problem is always that I forget to take photos. Like right now, it's Thursday and I realized I haven't taken a single photo for this week!!