Friday, April 5, 2013

Extra time for a picnic lunch for two...

So I've been home with Mikey this week as his school gives the kids (not so much the parents) the 'lovely' gift of an extra week for Spring Break. I'm honestly not the biggest fan of this concept, and not because Mikey is home (which I LOVE having), its just that when there's only 1 out of 3 kids  home alone, it makes it just that much harder to make any special plans without leaving anybody out.

Anyway,  I was determined to do my best to keep him busy while I work and get through my normal daily routine this week.  So Tuesday, being our first day on our own, I decided we would make it just about my lil' partner and me.

We took a nice morning walk around the neighborhood together and that was a lot of fun. I felt a little bad though because I have a naturaly quick pace so he had to double step it to keep up with me, but he hung in there! Lol

We also had beautiful weather that day, so for lunch I figured we do something we've never really done before. I set up a picnic lunch right outside in our backyard! Mikey was pleasantly surprised with the idea as loves doing stuff like this too. We made mini pizzas, tossed some salads, and poured out some drinks in some fancy goblets and headed outside.


 It was REALLY nice just to enjoy the warmth of the sun, and the peacefulness of our backyard. It was a little warm, but after lunch we laid back and just talked until it just too hot to be outside. 

 Mikey is my youngest boy and getting time to do simple things like this means a lot to me. He's the last one that I will get the chance to do this stuff with because honestly I know its not long before he hits puberty when he may or may not appreciate hanging out with his mom as much. Hey, I have to be realistic, right.  I know how that goes, but its all good...I get it.

We had a great afternoon together, and I know that he appreciated it because he couldn't wait to tell his brothers and his dad what we did, and I got a few extra hugs that day from him. Can't help but LOVE that! ;')

The rest of this week has been taken up by play dates with his friends from school, Buck and Cole (of course I forgot to take pictures!!!), and just hanging out. A great extra week for Mikey and me after all!

Here's to special times with our kids!

From my little corner to yours...Have a wonderful weekend!!

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