Thursday, April 18, 2013

Currently... get through this week after the craziness that was last weekend minimum two glasses of water for every cup of coffee I have...I need to keep hydrated 
Watching...the Boston memorial service, the Texas blast, and what seems to be just constant bad news
Mulitasking...always between work, home, and school stuff
Weather... Beautiful, sunny and a little windy
Feeling...grateful that Mikey's eye is healing pretty nicely and that it was nothing too serious the wheels spinning in my mind I'm going to EVER catch up with anything in my life
Digging...a little something unexpected upgrade my camera really bad? or maybe a new purse?
Excited...about the few things I ordered
Knowing...that none of these things matter in the big picture while this world is going crazy in front of our eyes
Hoping...that we all get some answers soon
Praying...that my boys, my hubby, and my family will always be watched over wherever they are
Finding...that I've had soo many situations to help me grow this week
Wishing...everyone a SAFE and SANE upcoming weekend! :)

Catch you all guys soon with more from my little corner!

Thanks for stopping by!

(List idea from Amy Tangerine)

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