Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Project Life- Week 14 and 15

So much for back on schedule! I'm done with fighting against time so its Week 16, BUT I am here to display Week's 14 and 15 for you all.

Week 14 was the first week of April...OMG! It included April Fools Day, and I feel like we're all being fooled with how fast this year is going by, but it just is.
This week was also all about COREchella! This event is based on the all popular Coachella music festival, but put on by the CORE magnet program at Chris' high school to display the over abundance of musical talent this "Humanities" magnet has within its walls, and its one of the biggest fundraisers of the year. Although Christian had auditioned with his own band, he  had also been personally asked by his Philosophy teacher, Mr. Basinger to play in his teacher band called "The Truth!" So he had the privilege of playing in the event after all and NO ONE was as excited as Christian was.

As parents, watching him play was so exciting!  He did an amazing job and we could tell he was having just having the time of his life. He totally cut loose for the first time on stage and he worked the crowd. His Uncle Bobby and cousin Jordan showed up to support him as well. It was a night he'll never forget!
So for this layout I had him write out his feelings and what he remembered most about this experience. Again, I want to make sure I have his words in his writing saved for later.

Week 14- Side by side

WEEK 15- Although this week was busy, it got more interesting as the weekend came. We had an In-N-Out event at CHIME, I had a bag party on Friday, and the CHIME carnival on Saturday afternoon that we all enjoyed.

After the carnival, Saturday however, went from being a sleepover with Zach, Mikey's BFF to an emergency room visit for Mikey due to a typical "boys being boys," playing swords gone a bit wrong accident as Mikey got his eye hit with a tree branch. Everything is ok and Mikey's eye is thankfully just fine!! But yes, it was definitely a scary moment for all of us, and it became a long weekend of hospital ER visits to 2 different hospitals because we had to get Mikey checked out by a specialist. So what did I do with this moment...I took pictures... of his eye! What? Yes, I know some of you might think I'm crazy but honestly, these daily pictures I actually ended up sending to the doctors in the days to follow, (how great is technology) to help them determine just how severe the injury was and how it was healing.  See, not soooo crazy! Lol, so of course, they had to go in as part of the week's story.  Next week will include more healing pictures just for continuity sake and to show he has healed pretty much 100%.

All in all, it made for an interesting page layout and a chance to document a story in Mikey's perpetual 9 lives to show his future girlfriend/wife. He's going to hate me for it, but Oh Well!! ;)

Week 15- Side by side

I have to say that after finishing these two weeks, and taking time to actually look back at what I have so far, it was the first time that I felt the impact of this project and realized just how much it means to me. The fact that I can already see just how much we've done this year, how much has happened, and to know that I have pictures in place, and in order to re-tell each story and bring back specific feelings and memories is SUPER powerful to me. Omg...I LOVE this project!

So even though I get overwhelmed sometimes, the time I put into this project is all well worth it...100% worth it!! This has given me encouragement, if I've ever needed it, to continue working on this faithfully and I can't wait to see what the whole year will look like.

Just FYI- I will be sharing these 2 weeks on The Mom Creative.

From my corner to yours...I appreciate you stopping by to take a look.

Have a great day!


Katie from Katie's Nesting Spot said...

Iknow exactly what you mean when you mention looking back over your book at what you've done. At times I might grumble about putting my spread together but now that I've completed 2012 it's such a joy to have to flip through and relive our year!

And I am SO glad to hear the eye healed!!! Those pictures look pretty bad!

Sandy said...

Thanks Katie!!