Monday, April 1, 2013

A trip to the Getty...

So, its the beginning of April, the beginning of spring, and Easter is already behind us! Wow! But Spring means a fresh start and new beginnings. So having said that, I will be taking this new month to start over, and give my time schedule a clean slate.

But before I do that, I need to catch up on a few outings I've been wanting to share before it gets too late.  A couple of Saturdays ago Chris announced that he needed to do an extra credit report that entailed going to the Getty Museum. What??!! Of course, at the last minute and on a super busy day, but with Jerry working late anyway, we got the trip to work in just perfectly, and I was able to spend a beautiful Saturday afternoon with the boys at a beautiful museum.


The boys took these maps and figured out where they wanted to go. Mikey had been to the Getty before on a school field trip so he actually led us around.
Since Jerry couldn't make it and being that he's always looking for the teachable moment, he gave the boys an assignment of gathering information about any two pieces of art and to give him a report when they got back since he couldn't make it.  Danny picked the one of the left and Mikey picked the painting on right to report on. They took notes and totally gave Jerry a run down on the story behind each piece.

I loved the architecture and the abstract look of all of it..even the stairs!
This place was a land mine for picture taking practice (manual mode for me), 
and I wasn't the only one out there taking in every angle possible.

Johanne Vermeer- Woman in Blue Reading a letter

The museum had soo much to look at and of course each kid had his favorite thing, but it was all fascinating. I loved watching their reactions and hearing their comments. Mikey is always the most expressive and especially about art since its his favorite thing. He was talking 'texture' and 'rich colors', and 'just amazing' here and there. It was too cute. Chris just had a more mature look at art and had his favorite piece by Johanne Vermeer which he chose to write about for his extra credit.

And that garden!! 
I loved it and so did Danny. He loved the maze and kept trying to find ways to get to the middle. It was just very peaceful and it was nice to walk around in. And because of the fog, I couldn't help but feel like I was in a different part of the world. Just too cool!

Although it had been sunny in Valley, by the end of the afternoon, the fog had rolled in pretty heavily and so did the cold on this side of the hill, but it made the whole architecture look even 
more stunning and mysterious.


We actually didn't stay more than a couple of hours, but we felt like we had done soo much! Mikey and Danny had also taken advantage in the family area and Mikey made himself a mask that he chose to wear on the way home.

Again, I couldn't help but feeling like we had spent the afternoon somewhere very magical together, so we are definitely going back to take Jerry so he can share some of the magic with us.

I hope you enjoyed, and It feels so good to have caught up with you all today!

From my little corner to yours... Thanks for stopping by!

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