Thursday, March 21, 2013

Keep Calm and...

I have been stressing because I haven't posted anything this week. I usually would have had my Project Life posted and maybe one or 2 other posts, but for some reason this week has just taken over me in many ways.  Aside from additional 'work' work, school functions to head, and regular chaos, its been kind of an emotional week, with some life reality checks that have thrown me for a loop. Therefore, I have not had enough time and energy to do much with my blog. My Project life's Week 11 is about 85% done by the way, but the finishing touches haven't been completed. There are just NOT enough hours!!!

So when I realized it was already Thursday, I figured that instead of stressing and trying to post something I wasn't ready to post,  I was going with this poster's advice:

Or the next week for that matter! (I need to make a "Keep Calm and Just Blog Next Week" banner).  I have a few posts to get to, but with Spring Break starting on Monday and a pretty full one planned, it might just mean ANOTHER crazy week for me, but I will update you all as soon as I can.

So for now- Its going to be what its going to be! Life is to short to stress about this. Don't you agree?

From my little corner to yours...Keep Calm decide! ;)


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