Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Project Life- Week 10

Hello there, its Week 10 and its been a week of catching up and a little bit more birthday celebrating and we've been busy as usual, so I'll get right into it.

  I did a bit more celebrating by going on a few more lunches with friends and family, and I always appreciate that time I get with each one. My SIL, Betty and I went out together on Thursday to celebrate our b-days which are week apart, and aside from always having a nice time together she was sweet enough to gift me with an amazing supply of Project Life accessories. She knows me soo well! She was the one who got me started on PL to begin with so she gave me all this fun stuff to use!! So what did I do.of course... I used it to enhance these pages today and I had a blast trying out different things.

Tags for Titles

Washi tape to attach movie tickt to pic
Tags for dates

Sticker phrases
Washi tape & Daily tags
 I don't like over accessorizing my pages, but I do like to add some details and that's what I tried to do with the cool things I got. I was really excited to use Washi tape which is the latest craze apparently and I loved it! I get it now! Thank you, Betty! ;)

Right side
I didn't take as many pictures this week, 
but it gave me a chance to do a lot more writing which I haven't done in a while, so that felt good!

 Side by side

I am looking forward to trying out more things on my pages as the weeks go by, but this week was fun to put together for sure.

So I am heading over and linking up on The Mom Creative to share with the others.

Thanks for stopping by.

From my corner to yours....Have a great week!

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