Monday, March 11, 2013

My "Stylin" Niece, Monica...

Again, here I am trying to catch up on a few things and I quickly mentioned this in my Project Life post from last week, but I wanted to go into a little more detail.

My niece, Monica, has always been a make-up loving, hair-doing, stylin' fashonista kind of little girl, and she's been that way as long as I can remember.  Well now that she's done some growing up and has been doing some career searching, her ways have led her to nothing less than choosing beauty as her career.  Sooo right up her alley! Her goal is to be a future make-up artist/hairstylist in the entertainment industry, and so she picked a school that would make it possible for her to get there. She's going to the internationally renowned AVEDA Institute.

She's been there since October, studying hair styling/color, and has been progressing and succeeding quickly, as we all knew she would. She's doing so well that already been put out on the floor to style incoming customers hair.  She has used a few of her family members as models and they've all been happy with her work, and now that she's a bit more confident about her skills, I felt comfortable asking her to cut my hair.

She was nice enough to make a house call the Wednesday before my birthday, and she impressed me from the get-go. She was ready!

She had this really cool and very complete work kit that she laid out ready to use, and then she popped on this very professional apron. She looked soo cute!

Oh, and I think that Monica forgot which aunt's house she was coming over to! Because as soon as she started setting up..I started taking pictures and she started laughing! Lol!
She should have known! ;)

I have to say that my vulnerability here is at an all time high! So I'm asking for your kindness please! These pictures are anything but flattering, but I guess the process to get to "beauty" never is?  So I'm taking one for the "blog!" So they are what they are! :\

Of course, I don't exactly know what she was doing, but I did see that she took her time to check out my hair lines and asked me all the questions as to where my part was and how much I wanted cut. But what I was most impressed about was her confidence. I have to say that I expected her to be a little nervous, but she wasn't (at least not visibly), and her hands were very steady, and I want to say she was calm and collected all the way through the cut. Again, I was so impressed!

Channeling Snoop Dog's hairstyle according to Jerry! 
Lol! Thanks Babe! ;)
She was concentrating! 

My hair was pretty dead at the ends, so I had her take off about 2 inches all around and give my layers some renewed shape and she did a great job! 

I styled it later and 
I loved it!

Thank you, Moni!!!

Monica is just starting out, but I am just excited that she found something that she absolutely loves, and the confidence she is building will get her far. She feels like she's getting great training and is proud to be part of the AVEDA Institute. Her hard work is paying off and she apparently already has some repeat customers at the institute's salon. Soo cool!

The AVEDA Institute has an Eco friendly salon and spa open to the public and has haircuts and other services starting at just $10. Stop by and ask for Monica by name (tell her I sent you!) What a fun day trip to Westwood that would make! Check out this site for more information

Monica, I see really big things coming your way my sweet girl, 
and may God bless you and guide you always!

  I am so proud of you!!


 Tia Sandy

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RealNatalieMartinez said...

I love it! She did a great job! My niece also wants to pursue the same path!