Friday, March 8, 2013

Foto Friday- Baby Jellybean's Fotoshoot

There are a few posts I have to catch up on, so today would be a good day to just share a few special pictures of my baby niece, Katarina for the latest Foto Friday.

So about 2 weeks ago I had the pleasure of taking the following pictures of our sweet little Jellybean  (1.5 weeks old at the time) in a few different hats that her mommy got that are especially made for newborns. Before this, I have had no experience doing baby pics, but I did try hard to get her some cute shots. I now see that it takes some patience and good timing to work with babies, so I had to work quick and take as many as I could of her in each hat because she was on the cusp between sleeping through the shoot and wanting to be awake.

Either way she was just too darn cute! It was so hard to not want to eat her up with all the silly faces she was making.  Too much sweetness!

So here are just a few of the ones I took...I hope you like them!

Again, there's much for me to learn, but the continued practice is helping and I was happy to to be able to even get a few shots out of a bunch...its a start!

I want to thank Jennifer Counter for her encouragement and generosity in letting me use her 28mm lens that allowed me to get these shots. Loved it... Thank you my friend!! :)

Thank you to Casandra and Sergio for trusting me to take these
 pictures of your baby girl.

I hope you all enjoyed them too!

From my corner to yours...Happy Foto Friday!


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