Thursday, March 7, 2013

Project Life- Week 9

Well week 9 was a good week for me! It was my birthday week and I've been looking forward to sharing!

Its funny because now that I'm doing Project Life, I have the interesting perspective of knowing that my birthday will always fall around the 9th week of the year...kind of cool! I had never looked at it that way.

I took a lot of pictures this week as you can imagine, and I've already shared details of my birthday in a previous post so I won't rehash those pictures too much, other than to say I added more of them in my pages through more than one collage. Its just really hard to pick a few pictures. But I also added of course, pictures from moments from days prior to my birthday, and as I look at them, I realize we actually had a lot going on.

So here is week 9:

Left side
I included all of the happenings of the first part of the week:
  • The Title card is a picture of a B-day napkin I stamped # 42 on and just added text to it.
  • Mikey wanting to mop my floors, and he did such a nice job that I wasn't going to take that joy away from him ;)
  • My boys taking up playing catch outside together after school everyday this week...Those are the  moments that make my life as a mom GRAND!
  • My niece, Monica, who's going to beauty school and already cutting hair, so she came over to cut mine for practice. I was impressed so I had to capture her in action!! Thanks Moni!
  • And Danny's Honor Roll presentation- He was soo proud up there...good motivation for future successes! 
Left side with insert

The 8.5x11 insert
Front of insert
Back of insert with cards
Tissue paper covered folder

In the name of using a little bit of everything, and doing something different, I cut up a manila folder and covered it in the different tissue paper/wrapping papers I got and used those as a backdrop to scrapbook the extra pictures on the front side and use the back to store my B-day cards. Then I put this in an 8.5 x11 sized insert and it was the perfect way to combine all of this.

I realized the cards would be able to fall out so to make sure it was a solid addition I added a closure. I sewed a loop of ribbon on the back side of the plastic and a decorative button on the front side of the plastic for it to latch on to  secure the opening. Soo cool! That's what I love about this project! I can combine all mediums of creativity to make it special in different ways.

Final look

 The Right side with insert

Week 9: Side by Side

My Birthday week has come and gone and I'm so glad I have it documented and done to look back at.

I am sharing a little late this week both here and at The Mom Creative, but better late than never.

Thanks for stopping by!

From my corner to yours ....Have a great day!

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