Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Turning 42...

(One of the birthday cards I received...I had to share! Lol)

Happy Birthday to me...Happy Birthday to me....Oh wait, its over?

My birthday was on Saturday, but you always try to
make your birthday last a little longer, right? 
I am definitely going to try, but I did do some celebrating this past weekend!

However, before I get to the sharing, I just felt the need to mention that my post on Friday looking back at 41 was not complete as I failed to include a few other important significant moments. I'm won't go into details, but I just didn't get it 100% right as I mentioned I don't always do, and I truly feel bad. Writing that post was difficult, and I wont even try to make it up now because that isn't fair, but lets just say its never my intention to leave anything or anyone out of a post, least of all on purpose. So I wanted to acknowledge this before I could move on to my celebrating. :) 

               My birthday weekend started off on Friday night with a girls night out to a local Foot spa for what I thought would be just a $20 foot massage. Ummm...Nooo! It was so much more than that (lol, that sounds bad), but it turned out to be an hour long body massage (fully clothed people...Really!) that  relaxed muscles I didn't even know I had. I felt amazing afterwards! For $20...OmG! Thank you Amy for the invite, for hosting the appetizers after, and the "frozen" b-day cheesecake (lol) and to the group of girls who joined in...thank you for the entertaining conversations.  I had a great time and I hope to join you again soon!!

Birthday morning, Jerry and the boys sang Happy Birthday to me in bed accompanied by guitars,  love and a beautiful card, and then amongst much chaos the boys made me a cute pancake breakfast while Jerry put together his first lasagna ever that would turn out to be an absolutely delicious dinner for our evening with friends. It was super cheesy and he did a great job! Thank you to all my boys for your wonderful efforts to start off my morning well!

Next, I got ready for a some 'Me' time and I was off to Burke Williams to finally put to good use a gift certificate my brother had given me back in 2004!! I probably waited too long, but I was lucky enough to be able to still use it on a very much needed back massage and on just the right day. Thank you so much, Serg!!!

And as you can infer I don't usually have very many spa days so apparently my spa etiquette was lacking that morning? I was acting like a spa tourist (aka-ghettoish) as I was taking pictures of as many of the amenities they had to offer while I was there...the sauna, steam room, the jacuzzi,etc. And since I was stealing quick pictures, I couldn't quite get the cucumbers to stay on my eyes!  I'll try to behave the next time I come back...I promise! Lol!

Burke Williams is an amazing place. Its beautiful, peaceful and they truly make you feel special. I loved the attention, and because it was my birthday they upgraded my back massage with some aromatherapy lotion and gave me a bottle to take home! Wow...so Wonderful!!

And as an added bonus, I found an old friend there, Carmina, who was pampering herself along with her mother who was also having a birthday that day! It was a nice place to catch up with her, and we ended up leaving at the same time and took the opportunity to take a picture together.

I left Burke Williams, and stopped by Starbucks to get my B-day drink- a Venti, Java chip mocha Frap! Hey, even the barrista told me I had to make it good! And it was soo good!!
 And then I was off to get a really nice mani-pedi that my Mom and my Aunt had scheduled for me as my b-day gift. YAY! That was in addition to them watching my boys earlier that morning so I could enjoy my free time. Gracias Mom y Tia!!

(Mikey's contribution...so cute!)

 My sweet hubby had planned a dinner for me even before I knew what I was doing for my birthday.  It wasn't a surprise and I didn't want a party, but he had gone out of his way to make my dinner, to get my cake, and to have my family/friends there with me that night to celebrate. 
Thank you Babe once again for everything! 
I appreciate it with all my heart!
 I LOVE You!

I had my way with this chocolate cake this weekend!! And I don't regret it one bit!
Well I say that now, but come weigh in time, there will be consequences, but Its ok because I
 have the right to enjoy my birthday cake once a year!

It was such a fun night, and everyone who came 
(and even those who couldn't make it) always make it special for me 
so Thank You guys so much!
So that's it! 
Another birthday come and gone in one night, 
but I have a whole year to explore, grow and conquer it with God's grace!

 It turned out to be a wonderful 42nd birthday,
Thank you all for stopping by to share it with me as well!



Anonymous said...

42 and fabulous!! Happy belated Birthday, Sandy!! Sounds like you had the perfect day.... Pampered at the spa and spoiled by family and friends. Love it!

Anonymous said...

Love, Angela. Had some issues with my phone and forgot to sign my name. Ha!! Xoxo

Sandy said...

Aww..Thanks Angela!! I feel very blessed that's for sure. <3 XO

Anonymous said...